Dynapac Introduces CC722 Vibratory Roller

Dynapac Corp. has always implemented the principle of providing low-cost products for users. Recently, it has introduced a new product, the dual-steel roller compactor CC722. With a working weight of up to 17 tons, it can be widely used in ports, docks, highways, etc. High project construction. Using this machine to compact the bituminous concrete mixture, the compactness required by the project can usually be achieved after rolling several times.
The CC 722 Double Drum Vibratory Roller uses a diesel engine with the latest environmental protection technology. It is equipped with powerful power of 167 kW and is equipped with electronic injection and air aftercooling devices, making the engine have very low emissions. The electronic control device can effectively solve various problems that occur when the engine is in different working conditions.
The CC722 double drum vibratory roller adopts the latest technology of hydraulic control system on the vibration and walking device. The driver can choose two different amplitudes to work on the front and rear wheels. The diameter of the big steel wheel also makes the machine compaction of asphalt concrete. Material is not affected by weight. In addition, this type of roller needs only 100L of hydraulic oil.
The instrument's instrument control panel is equipped with Dynapac's alarm indicator device, and the digital schedule can remind the driver to maintain the machine on time. Equipped with two super-capacity water tanks, it can ensure that the work is continuous and efficient, without shutting down the water. The reliable sprinkler system is also equipped with a high-loading sprinkler pump and a high-quality filter, with automatic sprinkler function before and after, in the frozen environment can also easily drain the tank.
The walking and work lights of the CC 722 twin-drum vibratory roller can be used as standard or as an option. In addition, the spacious cab is equipped with ROPS (Rollover Protection Bracket) and can effectively block noise.

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