Green Environmental Control Type CNC Machine Tool Oil Temperature New Type Air Cooler

At present, industrial developed countries in the world are in the hydraulic system of small CNC machine tools, and their hydraulic system flow is generally around 5 to 35 L/min. Ultra-small air coolers are generally installed to replace air conditioner coolers and water coolers. Because the use of air conditioners to reduce the oil temperature, the effect is good, but its expensive price is generally unbearable to the enterprise, which greatly increased the cost of the product. To use a water cooler to reduce the oil temperature, a circulating cooling water device must be installed in the equipment, and as the equipment operates, its price will increase with time. At the same time, due to the increasing importance of environmental protection requirements throughout the world, water resources are also becoming increasingly scarce. Especially in China, many provinces and municipalities have adopted strict controls over the use of water. Therefore, the use of natural air as a cooling air cooler in the hydraulic system of CNC machine tools is also most suitable for Chinese enterprises.
Nanjing Donghe Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. specially developed an ultra-thin, ultra-light, and green-friendly ACE series aluminum air cooler for controlling the oil temperature of the hydraulic system of CNC machine tools. The thickness of the cooler is only 65-115mm, the weight is only 1.7-3.5kg (including blower), its good temperature control effect, easy installation method, and inexpensive high quality products have won high praise in the market. . Buy ACE aluminum air coolers to make your CNC machine tools more up and down.
At present, the air cooler has been purchased by dozens of state-owned, Sino-foreign joint ventures, wholly foreign-owned enterprises, and has been exported in batches.

The Outport Stopper For I.V Fluid Bag is based on the polycarbonate joint formed by injection molding process, comprising of the injection‐purpose halogenated butyl rubber stopper and aluminum‐plastic composite cap. Among which, the material for polycarbonate joint is the imported medical‐level polycarbonate, complying with the FDA rules; the aluminum‐plastic composite cap is produced by using the imported top‐quality aluminum strip; the injection‐purpose halogenated butyl rubber stopper can be chosen to use the well‐known domestic product or imported product on the request of user.

The infusion stopper is produced in the clean plant, with the partial part reaching to Class 100 under the Class 10,000 background. The main working procedures, such as the injection molding and the cleaning, riveting, inspection, wash, assembly and etc., are designed and processed as per the cleanliness requirements at the partial level of Class 100, which passes the GMP on‐site certification and complies with the cleanliness requirements of high capacity injection medicine.

The main production equipments, test and inspection instruments of infusion stopper have already reached to the international level and are advanced at home. Meanwhile, the full production process is conducted the strict control and management, and making product free of plasticizing agent, loading agent and lubricating agent, and free of absorption or transfer when contacting with liquid medicine, neither the pyrogen and soluble matter, thence such equipment may ensure the product quality.

The outport stopper for I.V fluid bag is mainly used for double‐hose non‐PVC software bag.

Outport Stopper For I.V Fluid Bag

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