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The Bayan Hara Mountain is located south of central Qinghai and is the southern branch of the Kunlun Mountains, with the west of the Hoh Xil Mountain and the east with the Laoshan and the Qixia Mountains. This is the watershed between the Yangtze River and the Yellow River. The ancient ancestral column of the Yellow River in the north is the source of the Yellow River, and the south is the source of the Yangtze River. The meaning of Bayan Hara in Mongolian is "rich mountain (black) colored mountain".
The Bayan Har Mountains are five or six thousand meters above sea level. The north slope is gentle, the south slope is deep, and there are many valleys. The mountainous terrain is high and the climate is cold. It is an alpine desert grassland with sparse population. Only Tibetans are engaged in animal husbandry here. In the Valley of the Mountain, yak and sheep are in groups. On the gentle slope of Xiangyang, there are patches of grass and grass, like green carpets covering the land. Occasionally sporadic animal husbandry rooms are dotted.


There are many snow-covered mountains all year round, hanging everywhere in the glaciers. After the spring of each year, under the intense sunlight, the snow and ice in the mountains gradually melt away, and the meltwater merges into a stream of streams, moistens the dry fertile soil, and supplies water to the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers.
The source of the Yellow River is clear and smooth, passing through the center of the pot-shaped Jujue and injecting into the stars. When passing through this vast swamp, it is slow and does not become a river. In the past, it was generally thought that the starry sea was the source of the Yellow River.

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