PYGMALYON Electronics develops DAG SYSTEM

The French company PYGMALYON Electronics recently developed an electronic smart label system.

Radio frequency identification systems (RFID) generally have three components:

1. Electronic smart label (DAG): It can be specially designed and adjusted as required to ensure the high efficiency of tracking management;

2, the label reader: its performance in the label reading distance can be very far;

3, detection antenna: the fastest through the speed up to 100 km / h, the maximum width of up to 10 meters, through the height and volume can also be very large.

PYGMALYON Electronics has been working on the development of electronic tags named DAG since 1992. Using this tag, it can identify all items that enter the control program, such as mail, luggage, trays, documents, without any limitations. Raw materials, finished products, locations, etc. The company’s scientific research team has continuously improved its product technology, making the application of electronic smart labeling systems an iconic product in the field of tracking management. Its uses mainly include:

1. Track and manage the production within the entire factory, and also track and manage the products throughout the country to ensure the quality and authenticity of the products. Such as can be used for product hygiene management or product certification fraud;

2. Organize sales and returns of products or materials;

3. Conduct anti-theft inspection at the factory's import and export;

4. Assuring the personal safety of personnel in places with relatively high risks;

5, inspection and control of personnel and places to ensure the safety of people and places. Such as tracking the submarine management experiment in Cherbourg.

Based on the high added value of the products developed by its design department, PYGMALYON Electronics has transferred its own technology to other companies through the transfer and training of franchise.

All products comply with CE standards and comply with current ERC-70-03 and ETSI 300-330 recommendations.

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