Introduction to the performance, features, and uses of various common papers

Premium double-sided coated paper

Paper gloss is higher than normal coated paper, better smoothness, fine white paper, bright color printing, excellent level and contrast, suitable for advanced color print. Suitable for advanced books, catalogues, calendars, posters, and covers.

Snow coated paper

Double-sided special surface treatment, paper soft and elegant, with a fog effect, visual refreshing and comfortable not reflective, high opacity, printing color saturation and vivid color, with excellent texture. Applicable to antique paintings, atlases, calendars, magazines, books, special issues, catalogues, posters, etc.

Double-sided coated paper

Paper double-sided smooth, white, good gloss, high opacity, after the color printing, the pattern of bright color performance, suitable for color prints. Suitable for general books, catalogues, calendars, posters, covers, etc.

Single-sided coated paper

One side is coated and processed on one side, so the paper is bright, smooth, and uniform on one side. It is suitable for single-sided color printing and the back side can be processed by gluing. It is suitable for labels, posters, and papers that are separated from paper.

Premium Ivory Forest

Paper color is ivory soft and effective, non-reflective and non-glare, with high opacity and smooth paper, suitable for reading books.

Journal paper

The paper is soft in color, smooth and detailed in paper, non-reflective and non-glare, suitable for advanced books and pictures.

Bai Daolin

The paper is white in color, with good thickness and neutral sizing. It can be stored for a century without discoloration. Applicable to books, books, product brochures, envelopes, stationery, note papers, calendars, etc.

Full wood forest paper

The long-fiber-based pulp, paper tear resistance, stiffness is particularly good, smooth and high, is the best grade of paper Dolin paper. Applicable to magazine inserts (books), books, product brochures, postcards, envelopes, desk calendars.

Magazine Paper (High White Magazine)

The paper is light and thin, with a glossy finish, and a high white paper color. Therefore, compared with the general yellowish paper color, it can show the contrast of printing and the vividness of color. It is the best paper for thin pounds in China. Applicable to magazines, DM, books, periodicals, color brochures, mail order color promotional items.

Snow white paper

The paper is micro-coated, white in color, like snow, smooth and detailed paper, non-reflective and non-glare, suitable for advanced books, pictures.

Special grade white doline

The paper has high whiteness, smooth and detailed paper, and contrasting printing products.

Other Processes

Other Processes,Microfiber Cloth ,Micro Towel ,Microfiber Wash

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