Pressurized mother liquor mixing bottle

Patent Name Pressure bar type mother liquor internal miscible drink bottle Patent Applicant Zhao Feng Principal Applicant Address 325028 Room 1-401, No. 4 Geanyi Road, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province Inventor Zhao Feng Application (Patent) No. 200410037193.4 Application Date 2004.06.08 Certification Date Auditing Announcement No. 1706725 Auditing Notice Day 2005.12.14 Manual CD-ROM D0550 Main Classification No. B65D81/32 Classification No. B65D81/32; B65D51/22; B65D51/28; B65D85/72 Subdivision Original Application Serial No. The use of the narrow space of the bottle cap to store the mother liquor of the beverage is used to press the rod to break the bottom film of the cap cup and mix it into a beverage. Apart from the bottle cap, only one pressure rod and one rubber seal are added. The structure is simple and ingenious. The number of parts is reduced from seven to four. Now it is reduced to two, and the processing and installation are very convenient. This can be used to develop pure fresh green tea beverages, flowers and beverages, fruits and vegetables, dry powder instant beverages, pearl powder drinks, and add new families to beverages. Sovereignty Item 1. The present invention relates to a pressure-rod type mother liquor internal miscible beverage bottle, which is characterized in that a narrow cup is used in the cap, a small cup is integrally formed on the lower inner side of the cap, and extends to the upper side of the cap; Seal; cup center pressure bar, pressure rod set on the "O" ring and the cup hole to form the upper side of the sliding seal; the cup sealed storage mother liquor, drink the pressure rod along the center of the cup hole, the bottom film was stabbed, The mother liquor is mixed into a bottle to make a drink.

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