Epson multilingual speech synthesis chip can be used in the toy industry

Aipu announced before the birthday, the company successfully developed the latest multi-language TTS (text-to-speech technology) synthesis chip S1V30100 for embedded applications, and further developed the in-depth application of the product.

The chip is a highly integrated chip that provides a complete encoding path from text input to analog output via headphones or digital audio output lines.

It is understood that the biggest feature of this chip is that it can provide more language choices than similar products in the past, supporting 5 different languages ​​including American, French, German, Native Spanish and Latin American Spanish. Language support such as Japanese, Chinese, and Korean is also under development. In addition, the chip also supports G.726 adaptive audio decoder for pre-recorded speech with a sampling rate of 24, 32, and 40 megabits per second. The encoding and decoding work. And if needed, the chip can also decode music data in MP3 or AAC format.

Although there are many kinds of voice products using TTS technology on the market, most products can only support a single language. Epson's S1V30100 can support 5 or more languages ​​at the same time, making it widely used by people in the industry. Concerns have become an important milestone in the development of TTS synthetic chips.

For consumers, the application prospects of this technology are more critical. According to Epson Group R & D personnel, this chip will be applied to portable devices that support voice output, educational toys and car navigation systems, while it also Can be used as an auxiliary device for those languages ​​or visually impaired users. Experts pointed out that the launch of the S1V30100 and its in-depth application will make people's input and output methods smoother and faster.

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