A packaging bottle for dispensing liquid products dropwise

Patent name A packaging bottle for dispensing liquid products drop by drop Patent applicant Huang Xupeng Principal applicant Address 515041 9th floor, Wanshang Building, No.42 Huanghe Road, Shantou, Guangdong Province Inventor Huang Xupeng Application (Patent) No. 200420046823.X Application Date 2004.06.04 Certification Date Approval Notice No. 2745881 Auditing announcement date 2005.12.14 Instruction CD-ROM D0550 Main classification number B65D83/14 Classification No. B65D83/14 Sub-item Original Patent Application Serial No. A drop-dispensing head packaging bottle, which includes an inner cover with an outer sleeve and an outer cover with an inner sleeve, the inner sleeve is sleeved in the outer sleeve, and a spring is arranged between the two sleeves so that the two are between the two. Relatively movable, the outer cover can be compressed, and the two steel balls are used to close the outer shaft sleeve and the inner shaft sleeve inlet port respectively under the action of gravity. The main feature is that a baffle plate is installed above the upper port of the inner shaft sleeve. The bottle changes the spray direction of the liquid, that is, it changes from the original upward direction to the leftward and rightward direction, which is advantageous to overcome the problem that when the force is slightly changed, the upward spraying easily causes the outer splash to be polluted. Sovereignty item 1. A packaging bottle for dispensing liquid products drop by drop, including a bottle body, an inner lid, an outer lid, and a straw, wherein the inner lid has a hole at a central position, and an outer end is fixed at the lower end of the hole. The sleeve and the outer sleeve are hollow cylinders, and the lower end of the cylinder forms a structure communicating with the suction pipe. The outer sleeve has a small hole on the side wall; the outer cover has a hole at the central position and is in the hole. The lower end is fixed with an inner sleeve, the inner sleeve is also a hollow cylinder, the openings at both ends of the cylinder form a contraction, a cylinder is set in the middle of the cylinder, the inner sleeve is formed on the side wall to form a step; the outer sleeve cylinder A steel ball and a spring are built in. The inner shaft is sleeved on the outer shaft sleeve and the steel ball and the spring are closed by the end of the inner shaft sleeve. The circlip is inserted into the small hole on the side wall of the outer shaft sleeve, and the side wall of the inner shaft sleeve is stepped. It is characterized by a baffle above the port on the inner hub. International Application International Announcement Date of Entry into the Country Patent Agency Shantou City Gaoke Patent Office Organization Address Agent Ding Chuhao

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