Packaging Container Structure Design and Manufacturing - Paper Containers (12)

Chapter IV Other Paper Products Packaging Structure

Section 1 paper bag

A paper bag is a kind of bag container made of paper and belongs to the scope of flexible packaging.

one. Paper bag packaging features

two. Small paper bag structure and manufacturing

1 Structure of a small paper bag (1) Flat paper bag (2) Square bottom bag (3) Pointed bottom bag (4) Corner bottom bag (5) Hand bag (6) Special bag

2, small paper bag production process

Web--printing--paper tube forming--cutting--finished product

The main operations of its production process are:
(1) Paper tube forming and bonding (2) Cut bag (3) Bag bottom forming and sticking (4) Sealing
3, small paper bag material selection

three. Structure and manufacture of large paper bags

1. Structure of large paper bags (1) Flat bags (2) Fold bags (3) Spiked bags (4) Corner bottom bags (5) Snap pockets (6) Valve pockets
2. Large paper bag production and material selection

3. Key points for structural design of large paper bags (1) Determine the number of layers of paper bags and the amount of paper for each layer (2) Determine the ratio of length to width of the bags and the size of each part (3) Determine the structure of the bottom of the bag (4) How to seal the bottom of the bag

The second quarter paper cup

Paper cups are small containers filled with beverages and other foods. Generally, the upper mouth is larger and the lower mouth is smaller. Covers and handles can be set as needed.

First, the characteristics of paper cups

Second, the type of paper cup
1, cold drink cup
2, hot drink cup
3. Fast Food Noodle Cup (1) Plain Noodle Bowl
(2) High-grade bowl
(3) High-grade double-layer bowl

Third, the structure of paper cups

Fourth, the manufacturing process of paper cups Fifth, the production process of cup material coating wax paper cup

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