Preliminary Thinking of Sustainable Design in Industrial Design (2)

3 The use of sustainable design ideas

The concept of sustainable design has gradually penetrated into all walks of life in various countries of the world. It not only benefits future generations, but also brings honor and benefits to the company itself. Many famous enterprises in the world have started to develop and produce “green products” and have environmental protection. Sustainable concept products are not only favored by consumers but also become unimpeded in the coming globalization of trade.

Under the influence of sustainable design concepts, safe, unimpeded and clean “green” vehicles have attracted much attention, such as subways, light rail railways, LPG gasoline vehicles, new-powered electric vehicles, trams and other energy-saving and low-pollution vehicles. Get universal promotion. Safe, nutritious, pollution-free green foods. Such as food, vegetables, fruits, livestock, aquatic products, etc. will also become the food of choice for residents. In the home appliance industry, green home appliances will use new energy or new technologies, prohibit the use of Freon, and be superior to existing home appliances in reducing noise, energy saving and other performance. China made refrigerators and air conditioners as breakthroughs and formulated the “China Freon”. Alternative strategy." Green packaging, also known as environmental friend packaging or ecological packaging, refers to packaging that is environmentally friendly and can be recycled or recycled. Green building materials refer to building materials of healthy, environment-friendly, and safe (fire-fighting) types. They are also called healthy building materials or environmentally-friendly building materials internationally. They not only take into account the impact on human health and the environment when building materials are used, but also take into account The impact on humans and the environment in the production of raw materials, production processes, construction processes and waste disposal. Green marketing is also called environmental marketing. As green consumption increasingly affects business operations and marketing, it eventually produces marketing practices that eliminate and reduce the negative impact of products on the ecological and social environment. The green lighting project is a cross-century project that integrates electricity saving, environmental protection, lighting conditions improvement, and production development. Green energy Natural gas is the cleanest fuel in fossil care. According to the comparison of unit equivalence, the natural gas emission sulphide is only 1/1200 of the coal emissions, and the emission of carbon dioxide is half of the coal. The natural gas does not emit soot, but every ton of coal in the combustion process. Emissions 2.1 kg soot. All this shows that the concept of sustainable design has a tremendous impact on all walks of life. It is also profound and long-lasting.

Soon, ISO14000 became a special “green pass” in international trade. Many countries in the world stipulated that products without green products or green environmental labels would be limited in quantity and price. From this point of view, the positive ideas of "green design" and "green consumption" advocated by mankind have enabled humanity to take care of the natural environment and its resources in design and consumption.

4 Suggestions for Strengthening the Concept of Sustainable Design

(1) Reasonable use of materials. For designers, there must always be a sense of sustainable design to avoid the use of toxic materials and materials that are harmful to the environment during the extraction or processing process. For example, the hydrocarbon refrigeration technology developed by the German Siemens company becomes “green”. Cooling model. Increase the reproduction design, extend the product's effective life cycle, simplify the maintenance, replacement, and upgrade process. Through simple design, the components are both durable and easy to disassemble and replace, making the entire product easy to maintain and extend the service life. For example, the Z-1 car produced by BMW Motors uses a recyclable thermoplastic door, a safety box, and a dashboard, which can be easily removed from the chassis. Pay attention to recycling design, reduce the use of different materials in the same product, select materials that are simple in chemical structure instead of composite materials, especially hybrids of different polymers that are difficult to degrade, and can also provide end-of-life products to a certain Some manufacturers use them as raw materials. For example, some companies abroad use scrap metal to make razor blades and waste detergent bottles to make shells for some musical instruments or home appliances.

(2) Establish a legislative system. From the perspective of long-term development, sustainable design also needs strong support from the government to strengthen the legal effectiveness of the city's overall planning and control planning. It should be large enough for regional development planning and small products to be guided by sustainable design concepts. Sustainable design should become a basic national policy, just like family planning, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous. Beijing enforced exhaust emission standards, and manufacturers have taken measures to add purification devices to cars sold in Beijing. In addition, efforts should be made to increase investment in energy conservation and environmental protection technologies. While developing alternative fuels that are in line with China's national conditions, we should also conduct extensive contacts and exchanges with foreign countries and form a new economic growth point for China’s automobile industry. To lay the foundation for the realization of the overall strategy of sustainable development.

(3) Strengthen propaganda. Whether it is officials, people, businesses, or corporate designers, they all have the responsibility to carry out various forms of publicity and education related to environmental protection issues, raise people's awareness of environmental protection, enable people to understand the national conditions, understand the current situation of the environment, resources, and energy, and enhance the crisis. sense. For the production companies and the designers of product development, we should establish a sustainable design concept. With its successful products and excellent design, we should actively participate in the "green action" in China and the world.

In short, modern people's understanding of design is not only how to achieve product function, material, structure, form, color, surface treatment, technology, packaging, transportation, advertising, sales and after-sales service, but also to participate in life thinking. Guided design enables design to help people create more rational, beautiful and effective ways to survive, work, and learn, with particular emphasis on the “environmental” factor in design—that is, to guide “green consumption” with sustainable design. Consumer demand shifts from the pursuit of "quantity of satisfaction" to the pursuit of "quality satisfaction" when the total amount of goods increases, and then shifts to the stage of seeking "emotional satisfaction". For this reason, the new concept of "people-oriented" and "sustainable development" has not only become a symbol of a country's industrial level, modernization process, cultural popularity, and lifestyle. At the same time, it also embodies consumer's personalized pursuit of simple, comfortable, and fast lifestyle and attention to the living environment. Therefore, the business opportunities in the future market actually have many linkage effects. Whoever advances to grasp the changes in people's life philosophy will be able to become the strong and the winner in this round of contests.

Author/Li Xiaoling (Department of Industrial Design, School of Mechanical Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University)


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