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Outdoor sports have gradually become popularized by professional sports. Advanced outdoor clothing and equipment have played a role that cannot be ignored. Due to the special requirements of waterproof, windproof, breathable, warmth and abrasion resistance for outdoor clothing such as mountaineering and skiing, outdoor equipment manufacturers have been adopting various new special chemical materials during the past 40 years. Now, the climbing equipment and clothing used by some ordinary outdoor enthusiasts are much better than those used by the seniors who climbed Mount Everest a few decades ago.

Take mountaineering as an example. When China first climbed Everest several decades ago, it was wearing heavy military coats, simple woolen cloth and fur garments, and later it adopted various synthetic fibers and new materials represented by nylon. Use outdoor clothing that has superior waterproof, windproof and breathable features.

The reason why this kind of clothing can shoulder, waterproof, windproof and breathable characteristics is mainly due to the use of special materials. Take the example of GORE-TEX(R) fabric from the American Gore Inc. (WLGore & Associates):

GORE-TEX® fabric offers unprecedented dry comfort and protection

GORE-TEX® fabric is the world's first and highest quality waterproof, windproof and breathable fabric. The magic of GORE-TEX® fabric lies in its GORE-TEX® film. This film consists of 1.4 billion holes per square centimeter. These holes are 20,000 times smaller than water molecules, 700 times larger than steam molecules, and are irregularly arranged. Therefore, GORE-TEX fabrics can bring rain, snow, and cold. The wind is completely obstructed, and the sweat emitted by the human body is continuously discharged, so it is known as "the second layer of human skin."

The GORE-TEXTM family has a wide range of fabrics that can perform best in different environments as needed. All GORE-TEX® garments (including tops, trousers, gloves and hats) are waterproof, windproof, and breathable. The style is rigorous. The sewing line is sealed with a special pressure tape and it is simulated in a natural storm house. Testing, qualified products can be produced and marketed. And it has the quality assurance of "Guaranteed To Keep You Dry?"

GORE-TEX® Clothing

100% waterproof, with excellent breathability, durable and durable, making the body feel comfortable.


In addition to the GORE-TEX® fabric function, the weight is reduced by 15%, the top is <550g, and the pants is <450g.

Lightweight, portable and wear-resistant, it is especially suitable for changing spring and autumn weather and light and quick movements.

GORE-TEX® XCR® garments, based on the functionality of GORE-TEX® fabrics, have a 25% increase in breathability, are more comfortable and durable, and are particularly suitable for harsh climates and intense sports.

The glorious history of GORE-TEX® fabrics

• When the Apollo spacecraft first landed on the moon in 1969, astronauts began to wear spacesuits made of GORE-TEX® fibers.

Since 1979, GORE-TEX® fabrics have been unanimously selected as the fabrics used in outerwear and other equipment.

Due to the outstanding contribution of GORE-TEX® products to human society, U.S. Fortune magazine listed GORE-TEX® products as one of the 100 best U.S. products in the world.

Outdoor activities science dress method

Inner perspiration layer:

It is recommended to use underwear made of WINDSTOPPER® N2STM fabric to quickly perspire while preventing wind and preventing backflow of sweat.

Middle warmth layer

• It is recommended to use Gore's newly developed AIRVANTAGE® warmth-channel design, which is easy to inflate and deflate. The wearer can self-adjust the thermal insulation performance without needing to increase or decrease the clothing and maintain comfort.

• It is recommended to use WINDSTOPPER? Loft liner or a garment made of fleece fabric to keep warm.

Outer protective layer

The dampness of the surface clothes causes rapid loss of body heat, so the outer clothing must be waterproof. The outerwear, gloves, and shoes made of GORE-TEX® fabric are recommended to provide full protection from head to toe.


For all GORE-TEX® products that have been officially authorized by Gore, Gore has a "guarantee to make you dry" promise. When consumers have GORE-TEX products leaking, Gore will cooperate with the brand owners Consumer solution.

After purchasing Gore's products, please be sure to ask the retail clerk and fill in Gore's product registration card. Gore will provide after-sales service such as water leakage detection and repair, point redemption and various kinds of benefits and information for consumers who fill in the registration card.

How to wash and care for GORE-TEX?

Please refer to the care label on the clothing for washing.

In general, most GORE-TEX® garments are easy to wash and maintain. They can be hand-washed or machine-washed, but do not use bleach and softeners. After fully rinsing, it can be dried by a dryer, or air dried with low temperature steam after being naturally dried, so that the water resistance of the GORE-TEX® garment surface can be more stable. Please refer to Gore Product Care Guide for details.

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