Colorful Revlon Custom Concealer Tubular Packaging

A custom-made tubular wrapper for the ColorStay® Stay Natural Concealer concealer is made entirely of plastic and is easy to use and ideal for carrying in your wallet or pocket. The tubular package comes with a flocking make-up stick made by Crown Risdon. The package's round design is unique and is designed to be sold with Revlon's ColorStay Eyebrow Oil. The polypropylene cover is exaggerated in black, and the bottle made of PP is transparent. Customers can see the color of the concealer directly through the bottle wall. In addition to the lid and bottle, Crown Risdon also produces an acetylene and concealer-specific low-density polyethylene tissue. ColorStay's name was printed on the bottle by a thermal transfer technique using a colored black foil. This custom-made packaging is produced at Crown Risdon's facilities in Middletown, New York and Laconia, New Hampshire.

Source: Packaging Digest China


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