How to spell good eight open offset trademark

The use of an eight-open offset press to print packaging or labels for alcoholic beverages, pharmaceuticals, foods, beverages, daily necessities, and other products has the characteristics of low cost, simple operation, stable quality, and convenience, and has been widely adopted by small and medium-sized printing companies.

Here are some of the issues that should be considered when making imposition in actual work.

1. The design of merchandise packaging or trademarks is mostly made by computer. After the separation film is output, the printing is carried out and printed on the machine. Whether it is manual imposition or electric division, the post-printing process should be considered, such as whether cutting, embossing, stamping, laminating, etc. will be affected by the previous process.

2. Wine labels or food and beverage packaging are usually integrated inside and outside packaging. The trademark affixed to the bottle is mainly composed of a cap mark and a body mark. Hat caps are irregular in shape, and the pattern is complex. Most of them are die-cut. The cap and body mark should be separated during the imposition, the cap mark can not be close to the body mark, and there should be room for die-cutting and indentation between the cap marks.

3. Pay attention to the size of the finished product. After the trademark is made into an eight-page version, there is room for bleeding of about 3mm around the edges. Otherwise, the quality of the product will be affected due to white edges after cutting and die-cutting.

4. If there is a field or flat screen on the top and bottom of the logo, the real or flat screens will be put together when the imposition is made. For example, there is a field under the label, and the field and field corners should be put together diagonally when the imposition, so that when cutting, one knife can cut out the upper and lower two trademarks, there will be no white edge problem.

5. When you make a layout, you must consider how to open the paper, how to determine the problem of gargle. For small-size eight-ply paper (39cm × 27cm) and large-size eight-ply paper (30cm × 42cm), if it is spelled out with full-size full-length, and there is 1.5cm unprinted text within the finished size of one side of the mark, the pattern When you have a blank space, you can use this white border as a printed mouthpiece.

6. Manual imposition is generally performed on the imposition coordinates that have been copied from transparencies. The size of the finished product should be accurate when it is assembled, and it should be placed in a correct position so that it cannot be skewed. For small brands, there are many items placed at the time of imposition. In order to prevent confusion in the size of the middle of the imposition, the transparent imposition coordinates should be used to mark the exact position of the fine lines, text, and patterns in the two directions of the brand.

7. When making a layout, it is required to clearly mark the positions of the rules, crosshairs, midlines, trailing lines, corner lines, color blocks, and cornices, and the various lines should not be included in the finished size of the trademark. Otherwise, the trim cannot be removed. Dirty lines and color blocks can affect the appearance of the finished trademark. If the lines or patches are too long, they can be scratched with a guillotine knife; the available correction paste that has been printed is corrected on the PS plate.

8. Separation of the film needs to be made into a large version, if the film is 16 open, 32 open, 64 open and other small specifications, you need to continue to splicing, because the film has a certain thickness, the film is folded between each other, easy to sun in the PS version Or when the film is copied, a gap is created at the folding position, so that the vacuum pump cannot be tightly sucked in, resulting in troubles such as a printed plate that is out of print, a dot network that is imaginary, and not inked.

Solution: First, output a large version on the computer. Second, make a clever trim according to the actual situation during the imposition. Use a knife to shave the edges of the film to avoid folding.

9. Most of the trademark or packaging products are multi-color overprints, and only the imposition is accurate to achieve accurate overprinting. The imposition order is:

(1) first color, after the color;

(2) First spell light colors, then spell dark colors;

(3) The accuracy of the text, lines, and patterns superimposed on the outlets is the first to be spelled;

(4) first spell the main color, then fight secondary colors;

The most effective method for checking the quality of imposition is proofing. Before the printed version is printed, it is better to conduct offset proofing first, check whether overlay is accurate, whether the ink hue is consistent with the color of the design draft, whether there are omissions in the graphic lines, etc. To check the C, M, Y, and K values ​​of each single-color, superimposed color sample, to provide the customer with proofreading text and colors. The true basis of the pattern.

Source: Graphic Design and Printing

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