Ink fountain and ink fountain roller connection device

Title of the invention: Connection device between ink fountain and ink fountain roller Patent Application Serial Abstract: The utility model relates to a printing machine, in particular to a connection device between an ink fountain and an ink fountain roller in an offset printing machine. Its ink fountain includes the side walls of the ink fountain on both sides, and the support pin is placed at the lower end of the ink fountain side plate. Bearings are installed at both ends of the ink fountain roller, and the outer ring of the bearing is provided with a retaining ring. A circumferential groove is formed along the radial direction of the ink fountain roller at the outer periphery of the retaining ring. The steel hoop is placed in the circumferential groove of the retaining ring at both ends of the ink fountain roller. One end of the wire is connected to the short pin on the side wall of the ink fountain, and the side wall of the ink fountain is provided with a through hole with a different diameter. The through hole has a built-in board, the through hole is equipped with a screw, the short pin is fixed on the board, and the board is set on the board. Pull the spring on the screw. The other end of the wire is connected to the hinge pin of the operating handle on the other side of the ink fountain side plate, and the operating handle is connected to the ink fountain side plate as a short axis. The utility model improves the relative position accuracy between the ink fountain and the ink fountain roller, improves the control precision of the ink quantity, and is convenient to install and adjust, and has flexible operation.

Jewelry Gift Box is a kind of paper box for packaging jewelry such as rings, earrings, necklace and bracelet. The jewelry gift box naturally use velvet and paper board for outside of box and use foam and EVA in the insert. Printing, lamination, hot stamping, embossing can be used for surface.


Advantages of jewelry gift box

1) rigid outside box.

2) with custom insert

3) not easy to deform.

4) adjustable size


Description of jewelry gift box


Material: cardboard, chrome paper , custom insert

Surface finishing: printing, hot stamping, embossing


Packaging: 1PC/Polybag for carton

Payment: T/T, L/C,D/P, Western union

jewelry gift box

Jewelry Gift Box

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