Talking to the toy shows that the baby is eager to communicate

“Actually, the baby and the toy whispered that they had a need for communication. But real life could not satisfy this demand, so toys became the first choice for their communication.”

[Chinese and foreign toys and gift nets] Baby likes toys is instinct, but some parents find that the baby at home often whispers with toys, but does not say to himself. Why do children have something to say to their parents, not to talk to their companions, but are willing to talk to toys? Experts remind: This phenomenon should attract the attention of parents, the baby talking with the toy lacks communication.

According to experts, this situation is a typical phenomenon that occurs in young children and reflects certain psychological problems. "Children who love to talk with toys will also choose to talk to small animals such as small ants that are not aggressive, or simply talk to themselves." "In fact, babies and toys whisper, indicating that they have a need for communication. But real life Unable to meet this demand, so toys became the first choice for their communication."

Experts remind parents that babies who like to talk to toys often develop unwillingness or will not communicate with others. Although this situation will improve after entering adolescence, it is still easy for a baby to develop a self-centered personality after growing up. So, how exactly did this happen? Experts believe that nowadays most of the babies are only children, and their parents are soloved. As a result, they have become over-reliant on their parents and lack the needs and opportunities of social interactions. Therefore, they cannot eliminate the insecurities of nature and gradually form a fear of communication. . In addition, as the baby grows up, the common language with parents is getting less and less, and they have to relieve themselves by talking to themselves.

Expert advice: If parents find that their babies often whisper to small toys and small animals, they should be aware that they have the need to communicate. At this time, we should try our best to create a "not unique" environment for the baby, take them out, and go to the relatives and friends of the same age to let the baby communicate. Parents also need to learn to make friends with their children. The reason why they don't communicate with their parents is because they don't have a common language with adults. If you can learn to think about problems with your child's thinking, and become "close friends," the baby will have a heartfelt words, and naturally will talk to his parents. (Feng Qiuyu)

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