The correct usage and usage points of lotion

How can I use the lotion to get 100% of its excellent effect? ​​Does the makeup water contain alcohol, will it irritate the skin?

How to use lotion? Correct use of lotion

The correct usage of the lotion is to wrap the cotton pad around the middle finger of the right hand, press it with the index finger and the ring finger, take the lotion, and pat the whole face and neck along the muscles, according to the forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks. Depending on the order of the mouth, the face "T" type area should be taken several times. The amount of lotion must be sufficient, especially in dry areas should be taken a lot of lotion.

How can a lotion use a lotion to achieve its excellent effect?

1. The lotion is very particular about the method of use. Generally, it is not directly used by hand. Why? Because the skin of the palm has a layer called "transparent layer", it will absorb it quickly when it hits the water. Half of the amount has been sucked by the hand before pouring the lotion into the palm of your hand, which is wasteful.

2. The low temperature of the lotion can make the skin have a good shrinking effect. When the hand is taken, the temperature of the lotion will become higher in the palm of the hand, so that the nose and the surrounding area of ​​the eye are not easily absorbed.

How to use lotion? Does the makeup water contain alcohol, will it irritate the skin?

Many people think that alcohol in the lotion will irritate the skin. In fact, it should be said that it is harmless to healthy skin. Like astringent water, it contains a proper amount of alcohol (for cosmetics), which has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and cooling effects, and is good for oily skin and easy. The skin of long acne is also very good.

Each type of skin has different requirements for skin care ingredients. The oily skin has poor antibacterial and antibacterial properties. The right amount of alcohol can help the skin to be antibacterial and antibacterial. On the one hand, it can completely dissolve the sebum and dirt in the deep pores. In some aspects, some nutrients that are not directly absorbed by the skin are also soluble in alcohol, and are directly delivered to the desired parts of the skin by means of alcohol.

In addition, the alcohol content is negligible when it is below a certain standard, and it is called non-alcohol. If your skin is dry, sensitive or rare neutral skin, then it would have the choice of make-up water, non-alcoholic, because alcohol is too volatile to make the skin more likely to have a dry feeling. So still choose according to your skin type.

How to use lotion? Do you need to use it every day?

It is certain that the lotion needs to be used every day. The basic maintenance of the skin generally includes cleaning, active and moisturizing. The moisturizing lotion of the skin is indispensable.

People's skin types are various. Ordinary dry skin is mainly dry because of lack of water and oil. In addition to moisturizing the lotion , it can also moisturize the skin in an instant, and then use some oily cosmetics. A water-locking film is formed on the skin surface. The use of lotion on oily skin can make the skin moisture content reach a certain ratio, so that the oil score is reduced and the water and oil value balance is ideal.

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