U.S. launches PET bottle barrier masterbatch

The masterbatch division of Clariant Additive, Inc. of Winchester, Virginia, USA, launched two new masterbatches that increase the long-term oxygen and carbon dioxide barrier properties of PET bottles. The trade name is CESA-absorb, which contains consistent components that remain stable during transportation and processing, avoiding the need for nitrogen atmosphere protection for other similar products.

CESA-absorb OCAOO50134-ZN is a multi-functional masterbatch containing a passive barrier nylon polymer that blocks carbon dioxide emissions from carbonated beverages and beer in PET bottles, while active activity in masterbatch formulations The (active) component initiates a nylon oxidation reaction that absorbs oxygen and prevents the loss of easily lost components in the PET bottle. CESA-absorb NTA0050139-ZN does not contain nylon in the master batch. The processing plant can control the amount of nylon added.

The nylon oxidation reaction is postponed for 3-4 weeks after PET processing and further reaction is continued for 1 to 2 weeks. Therefore, there is no need to store the masterbatch in a sealed PET bottle or a nitrogen “covering” preform provided by an additional cooling device. Preforms and bottles. It has been reported that the CESA-absorb masterbatch has little effect on the transparency of colored PET bottles.

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