Guala launches tamper-proof rotary cap wine bottle cap

Guala cap company launched a tamper-proof rotary cap for the wine and spirits market. Guala has been developing this new type of cap for the past year. It is reported that after the bottle with this cap is opened, a colored plastic ring will appear at the junction of the bottle cap and the bottle neck. Anne Seznec, Guala marketing manager, said that wine anti-counterfeiting is currently a subject of great concern. According to statistics, up to 5% of top-quality wines are fake and shoddy.

“This market has been escaping the development and use of new caps for a long time, but assuming that the new bottle caps can really improve the security of wine, it is not a bad idea to start from the bottle caps,” she said. Compared with the previous standard bottle, this new design has made a small change, but the company said that this will not bring any application difficulties, and the resulting spread is negligible. Guala hopes that the new caps will quickly become popular in the field of wine and premium spirits. Guala has 21 production bases worldwide and produces over 8 billion bottles per year. In 2003, the company entered the screw plug market.

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