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Although he had already signed up for the evaluation of the Greenfield Equipment Camp as early as last June, he was still very fortunate and surprised to receive a test call. Although the old donkey told me long ago that good shoes are the most important for climbers, I have always insisted once a week and at least twice a month on a climb of more than 1.5, but honestly, looking at the mall There was a thousand dollars of climbing shoes on the floor. I really couldn't bear to save money. I felt that the shoes with one or two hundred feet were pretty good. Although sometimes the intensity of walking is great, the feet will be blistering and the toes will be purple...

This time it is necessary to test how this brand of shoes is good. Haha

1. Official product introduction:

Merrell, the US's top technology outdoor brand, was founded in 1981 by Randy Merrell, who loves mountaineering. He created the technology of cowboy boots. He came from a deep understanding of shoes and never compromised on the function of shoes. , laid the position of Merrell's king in outdoor shoes. After 28 years of continuous innovation and development, we have always adhered to people-oriented innovation and technology. Our collection of unique proprietary technologies and the use of high-end durable materials and cutting-edge technology materials have created a wide range of outdoor function series and technological leisure series, making Merrell shoes Absolute comfort and functionality. The product incorporates outdoor technology and fashion elements to create a unique and personal image.

1) VIBRAM® Patented Professional Rubber Outsole: Professional Mountaineering Outsole Designed, Developed and Used in Cooperation with VIBRAM

2) GORE-TEX® waterproof breathable inner technology: lightweight waterproof breathable film, waterproof, breathable to keep your feet dry and comfortable

3) PU surround and TPU foot protection structure at the heel and forefoot provides the best movement and foot protection

4) The leather material is treated with water repellent technology; the combination of leather and synthetic high-quality upper is durable

5) The joint design of the tongue and the shoe body effectively prevents sand from entering the shoe

6) Adhesive-type suture technology makes the combination between soles, soles and uppers more tight

7) AIR-CUSHION® cushioning air cushion on the heel

8) ORTHOLITE® Antimicrobial, Open PU Insoles

9) AEGIS® Professional Bacteriostasis

10) Advanced climbing grade midsole support system

2. Evaluation equipment introduction:

Evaluation Equipment: Mele Merrell Mountaineering Series Hiking Shoes Women

Material: First layer cowhide

Section number: R350252

Product Name: COL

Color: PEWTER (dark grey)

Shoe number: 37.5


3. Assessor information

Name/ID: Wisdom

Gender: Female

4. Assessment activities:

Because I usually wear No. 38 shoes, so when I went to take products specifically wearing a pair of thin socks, the result did not expect the free space after the foot into the room is very large, there is no sense of oppression.

The appearance of the shoes is very beautiful. At the first sight of it, I like it very much. The orange ornament embellishes the entire shoe:


Two shoe-shoe, I like it very much. I haven't seen it before, but I haven't seen it before. But I feel like I'm throwing a bunch of paper balls. It's more economic and scientific.

The shoes look more slender than the ones you've bought before. It's hard to wear it.

Try to put on it first, no problem, the toes are still very loose, I do not know what it feels like to take a long road


Vibram logo on the sole and heel. Anti-wear rubber outsole, anti-wear, durable, strong grip (outsole)

A pile of markers on the insole

Built-in cushioned cushioning system, MERRELL AIR CUSHION technology is based on enhanced cushioning and decompression, allowing users to play the best cushioning and protection in high-intensity and long-time outdoor sports, allowing the feet to change More comfortable and relaxed.

Antibacterial treatment technology, anti-mite, odor (inner)

Antibacterial comfort insoles, cushioning, breathable, antibacterial (insole)

Mele's patented Q-form® midsole and insole use three different densities of EVA midsole material to provide complete foot balance and support for improved reflexes back to knee discomfort after long walks; three densities plus Press-formed EVA braces allow women to have the best shape and pace.

Merrell standard

Followed by the meticulous workmanship, the thick package of the ankle

Heel and dark pattern on the tongue

Side highlights

Since there was only one weekend between getting the test product and submitting the test report, it took a lot of thought to choose where to go. If you choose a high intensity, what if the shoes are not suitable? And how new shoes generally have a run-in period to really hit the road ah.

Go to work and get used to it. In order to have an exercise every day, I specially set aside twenty to thirty minutes for my work. The first feeling is that the soles of the feet are very comfortable, and it seems that there is a thick mat that is isolated from the ground, and it feels very flexible to walk.

My foot shape is normal, but this shoe's shoe type is the thinnest of all my hiking shoes I wear. But after walking a few steps, I found it very comfortable, and although the instep feels tight, the toes can be very comfortable to open. Now I'm not used to wearing my previous shoes. I feel so wandering.

If there is no problem with the road, then go up the mountain to see it. I still chose the classic Xiang Ba La. The whole journey is nearly ten kilometers, but there are all uphill, downhill, mud roads and dirt roads. In case of uncomfortable shoes, I can also withdraw halfway.

Going out to wear a pair of thick cotton socks for climbing in peacetime, but on the road immediately feel ankle a little grinding, thought for a moment or not to go home and get ankles, forget it, loose shoes on the road, really glad that today reported A short distance.

Wearing a new pair of shoes, starting on the gravel road, really a bit reluctant to do so.

The Hanpo slope climbs steeply. I feel that this shoe is very good in grip and there is no slippage.

From the time I won the battle to the downhill slope of Hanging Tower A, I felt bad because the shoelace was loose, and despite the trekking poles, I felt that the top of the toes was very difficult to accept. I can only slow down step by step. If the assessment report can be handed in later, you can wear more time, run in and experience it, and you will definitely feel different.

After a period of snow and muddy roads formed in the middle, this shoe has a very good grip, and it hasn't slipped past easily.

All the way to the dusty home, the beloved shoes have lost their original appearance.

Taking off my shoes and taking out the insole, I was really shocked and happy.

The insole is dry and cool, as if it weren't worn on the mountain trail for a day. Intentionally close to the smell, a little smell is not ah. . . . . .

Based on my feelings of the day, first of all, the sole of this shoe is really comfortable, flexible, and the sole feels soft, non-slip, and it has a good feel for the support and cushioning of the foot. If you run around for a day, the leather fabric will be made waterproof. The next flush will be OK.

Second, its light weight, beautiful appearance, fine workmanship, and careful handling of small details. I think its back and sides are very nice and the front side is slightly inferior

Although the shoe type is thin, it feels tight and there is no feeling of hoop feet, and the space of the toes is very large. But personally feel that with a few buckles, the shoelace can be tighter than the eyelashes, and now it's easy to release it.

If you wear it comfortably than usual casual shoes. It's warm and breathable, and it's not lame. I think this shoe is suitable for a small amount of exercise in peacetime.

As for its durability, it can only be tested in the future.

MERRELL's shoes do have their unique beauty, comfort and durability. Really worth it. But if the price can be cheaper, it's even better.

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