PET Bottle Tablet Price Situation and Composition Analysis

The PET bottle is a beverage bottle with PET bottle and PE cap. Various proportions of domestic or imported materials are: 8-10% for PE bottle caps (gaskets), 3% for water + paper + silt, and 4-5% for bottle labels + film. The market price of pressure-bearing bottles is 4800-5000 yuan/T, and the market price for cover and label pressing bottles has been 5800-6000 yuan/T. The broken material (marked with stickers) has been covered with 5900 yuan/T. The finished short yarn is about 6500-6800 yuan/T, the plastic is about 7500 yuan/T, and the filament is about 8,000 yuan/T. The common label subject components are thermoplastic films such as PE, PP, PVC, PET (some with adhesives), and the caps are sealed with foam, rubber rings, and rubber gaskets. Other substances in the recycling bottle include organic or inorganic substances in the living environment such as iron, transparent PVC cans (bottles), various types of films, paper, mineral oil, grease, microorganisms, and sediment.

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