RS3 pump head design helps bottles prevent virus transmission

The cleaning products group JohnsonDiversey United Kingdom recently launched a partnership with Rieke Dispensing, requesting them to design caps for the newly developed series of antiviral hospital hygiene products.
The hygiene company uses the RS3 pump head design on its Soft Care Triple C bottle for its skin care products. It is reported that this series can effectively prevent the spread of the virus in the hospital.
Soft Care Med, the top cleaning product in the series, is a propanol-based ethanol-free alcohol gel that effectively kills MRSA (Staphylococcus aureus), Norwalk virus, and swine flu virus.
It and other products of this series use RS3 pump heads designed by Rieke Company. Each time the extrusion volume is 1ml, it is suitable for many liquid products with different viscosities.
JohnsonDiversey UK product manager Emma Philips said: "The flexibility of this pump head is beneficial to its use in our different series of products, thus helping us to maintain a unified brand image and ensure logistics efficiency."

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