Dieboard production and precautions

Carefully read the construction order and process requirements when making the die-cut version, especially for the die-cut version drawings to understand and understand thoroughly, and then use a pencil to draw according to the drawings, pay special attention to the folding steel wire and indentation dark line The accuracy of the parallel and vertical angles, the depth and width requirements of the slot, and the thickness of the die cutter and indentation steel line, which is the key to affect the carton forming; Second, choose a reasonable indentation steel wire If the selected indentation steel wire type does not match, the indentation steel wire is too high, it may cause the steel wire to burst. On the contrary, if the indentation steel wire is too low, the indentation line is not obvious, resulting in poor carton forming and causing stickiness. Misplaced or flared mouth; once again pay attention to the location and number of die-cutting bridges, large-format die-cutting version can stay more than the bridge, small-format die-cutting version can stay less, die-cut version of the bridge to stay more than four weeks , This facilitates the modification of the die plate, tool change and storage; at the same time to consider the steel and steel wire piercing for the bridge should also be reasonable, the punch height should be greater than or equal to the thickness of the die plate substrate, otherwise , causing damage to the steel blade, pressure Traces burst.

In particular, it is important to emphasize that the choice of die cutter material is important, and its selection should be based on the characteristics of die cutters and paper materials and die cutting standards. Excellent die cutting materials should be uniform in material, proper in hardness, and accurate in specification. The hardness of the blade is higher than the hardness of the blade, otherwise it will cause frequent tool change in the die cutting process. The thickness of the die cutter must be within a certain tolerance range to avoid the difficulty of inserting the knife due to uneven thickness - deformation of the upset or loosening of the cut, affecting the die cut size.

In addition, the prepared die-cut version should be accompanied by a record card, the record card should indicate the product name, number, size, die-cut version or version number, and establish a die-cut version of the account card registration account and change, use , Release records for traceability and management.

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