The perfect combination of function and appearance, Lai Ke sandalwood series Jin Tan wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] With the improvement of people's living standards, consumers are more and more particular about choosing wardrobes , not only requiring the storage space of the wardrobe to be reasonable, but also matching the style of the whole home. Today, Xiaobian brings you a piece. A good wardrobe with functional and aesthetic appeal.

product description:

Product Series: Sandalwood Series

Product Name: Golden Tan Wardrobe

Product color: gold sandalwood

overall effect:

Good Lai wardrobe

This wardrobe looks like a quiet sand lying on the beach, with a ripple of ripples, delicate and quiet; from the style evaluation, the yellowish side reveals an European and American atmosphere. The appearance has a good impression, then the strength? Xiaobian wants to find out.

Material evaluation:

1. Good Lai Ke Jin Tan wardrobe cabinet uses solid wood fiber substrate. According to reports, this material has high density, low water content, and will not be deformed due to seasonal changes. Environmental protection reaches E1 level, close to E0 level.

Wardrobe evaluation

2. Generally speaking, the solid wood material is easy to be damp and rot, and the wardrobe door louver is made of wood-plastic material, which has the characteristics of not absorbing moisture and being mildewed.

Good Lai wardrobe

3. To some extent, having a strong and solid framework means extending the life of a product. The frame of the good Lai Ke wardrobe is made of aluminum-titanium alloy with a wall thickness of 1.0-1.3mm, which is a completely closed structure. Xiaobian reached out and slammed the door frame, making a crisp sound. In general, any material wardrobe frame, if the wall thickness is less than 1mm, is difficult to guarantee in terms of service life. Therefore, the wall thickness data alone is enough to show the stability and durability of the good wardrobe.

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