Ten Ways to Pick Sports Floors

Choosing the right sports floor is often the most important part of building a sports stadium or sports venue. After all, creating a good sports venue is the starting point for the construction of all stadiums. This article describes the relevant considerations for investing in sports flooring from 10 aspects. Before purchasing instructions, all buyers of sports flooring should clearly write down their requirements for the floor.


Sports flooring commonly used in basketball courts

The sports flooring laid for the Olympic Games venues is certainly not suitable for kindergarten sports classrooms. The top athletes and children have very different requirements for sports venues. In particular, when the sports facilities or venues have specific uses or requirements, they must also be clear about their own floor requirements. Bicycle venues, roller skating venues, popular concert venues or exhibition venues, etc. These venues have significantly different floor requirements. Before the purchase and construction of the floor, the owner and other relevant personnel must clearly think about their own requirements for the use and level of the site.

1. Security

Users of all indoor sports facilities want their own floor to be 100% sure of their safety. Athletes and coaches hope that the sports floor can minimize the occurrence of sports injuries. Parents and teachers hope that the sports floor can prevent accidents. A good sports floor should aim to minimize the probability of accidents and sports injuries.

2. Comfort

The standard or evaluation of comfort depends entirely on the user's feelings. Interestingly, users of sports flooring often can't immediately tell which floor the sports flooring makes them feel comfortable. But they can tell you right away which sports flooring makes them very uncomfortable. Therefore, as designers and builders of the venue should be clear, what kind of feelings they would like to gain on the sports floor should be clear about what makes them feel uncomfortable.

3. Uses

In general, sports facilities are designed to meet as many needs as possible. Let more users get safe, ideal exercise opportunities. Therefore, the requirements for a multi-purpose floor are not only to be safe and comfortable, but also to meet the needs of users for a wide range of applications.

4. Service life

Some actions or activities leave traces and wear on the floor. The carrying capacity of the floor for various types of activities determines the rate of wear and use of marks. In Europe, there are tests and standards specifically designed for sports flooring in sports facilities.

5. Environmental protection and sustainability

Nowadays, the world is gradually realizing that we cannot continue to overdraft the natural environment that was originally descendants. And a company with sustainable development awareness knows not to let its own business activities hurt the next generation of the world.

6. Quality Assurance

Confirming that the sports floor you bought is the one you wanted to buy. It may not seem like a difficult task in an ideal world, but it is regrettable that things that are not in the market in China and in the world often happen. So make sure that the product you choose meets national or international standards and is certified by the relevant international sports federation. For sports flooring, there are usually several standards that can be referenced: EN 14904 (European sports flooring standards), international rehearsal certification, FIBA ​​certification, and IBF certification.

7. Aesthetic appearance

Seeing beautiful things people will be very comfortable and comfortable, and see ugly things will be very uncomfortable. Modern sports wood flooring does not change much in appearance, and still maintains the appearance of wood products. Although variability is small, there is a natural and comfortable look and feel. Sports flooring made from synthetic materials can change colors and groups to match the overall design of the building and customize the appearance.

8. Reference case

To build a stadium or venue, the owner should have a reference case as an ideal goal or goal to surmount. Of course, the owner cannot ask for a kindergarten floor the same as the Olympic basketball stadium. In the same type of venue or facility, it is always convenient to find a floor that will satisfy you.

9. After sales service

Providing high quality products is just the starting point for top manufacturers or suppliers to serve customers. After a sporting facility has completed the purchase of sports venues, the owners or managers of the venues have started a long-term partnership with suppliers. The supplier can help the engineering company to understand the construction technology essentials and the construction process, so that the construction company can complete the construction work in a short period of time with high quality. After the site construction is completed, the supplier can also provide managers with system training on site maintenance.

10. Budget Control

For the question “How much does it cost?”, the owner often does not hear the exact answer. For investors, it is important to know how much it costs to get a sports floor that is sufficient for him. The budget formulated during the design and planning stage of the venue needs to avoid any accidents during the implementation phase, which will increase the cost or fail to follow the plan.

Cutting costs due to over-expenditure during the construction phase usually directly reduces the quality of the project, especially in the critical aspects of daily use. This article has already mentioned that “creating a good sports venue is the starting point for the construction of all sports venues”. Therefore, the reduction of sports floor procurement expenses will affect the nature of building sports venues than investment.

Therefore, it is very important to formulate a precise budget plan and implement the plan resolutely. The overall cost of a sports floor should and should only be determined by the total lifetime of the stadium. This includes the devaluation of the floor, daily maintenance, renovation, replacement and other aspects. In addition to costs, the income of the stadium should also be considered. How many hours will this venue open and how much revenue will be generated per hour? These revenues come not only from sports activities but also from performances, conferences, exhibitions and other activities. A floor space with a minimum replacement or maintenance time can ensure maximum revenue.

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