The current popular cloakroom pattern

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Nowadays, it is not a difficult task to plan a cloakroom at home. The shape of the cloakroom can be arbitrarily matched according to the hobby of living and the overall style of the whole house. The cloakroom has a large size. Plasticity. There are three main situations in the cloakroom pattern that is now popular in the home:

Open cloakroom This cloakroom is suitable for young people who want to solve all the functions in a large space. But even if it is open, there must be some privacy, so as not to make the big space seem too messy. A better form is to use a full-faced empty wall with many slats on the shelf for spacing, not completely closed. This is the open cloakroom. The advantage of the open cloakroom is that the air circulation is good and spacious, but the disadvantage is that the dust is poor. Therefore, dust prevention is a key precaution of such cloakrooms. It can be hung on the clothes with a dust cover or used to hold clothes. For the sake of distinction, some signs can be added. If you have more drawers and cabinets, it is more practical.

The free-standing cloakroom has a higher requirement on the room size, because if the room itself is partitioned more, this form will make the space more crowded. Only by setting up a separate cloakroom in a large and spacious space, the debris can be stored in it to make it beautiful. It is both practical and practical, making the interior more tidy and easy to care.

The independent cloakroom features dust-proof and complete storage space. The wardrobe design is double-rowd and the U-shaped space is used. The cloakroom should have plenty of space for activities. It is best to have a mirror. Operation, fitting. The lighting in the room should be sufficient, and if necessary, additional lighting should be needed in case of rummage.

The cloakroom in the built-in cloakroom is more space-saving, has a high space utilization, and is easy to keep clean. It is suitable for families with limited area. Generally speaking, if you can find a space with an area of ​​more than 4 square meters, you can consider asking the professional furniture factory to make several sets of wardrobe doors and internal compartments according to the shape of the space, and make a built-in cloakroom. Using the partition wall of the existing space, through a sliding door, the moisture-proof function of the cloakroom can be increased. Choose this form, pay attention to ventilation and dehumidification. In this type of cloakroom, in order to make full use of the limited space, a uniform grid cell can be used, that is, a fixed vertical partition divides the large pattern, and the unit is assembled with an adjustable partition. These units are of an extensive type and can be freely Combination, so flexibility, can be set up according to the need for clothes rails, drawers, boxes, in order to carefully store shirts, underwear and so on.

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