Classification of furniture hardware accessories

Furniture hardware can be classified differently according to different classification criteria.

Furniture hardware can be roughly divided into two categories: decorative hardware and functional hardware.

Today, with the high level of industrial production, the two are gradually moving toward unity under the guidance of industrial design theory. Decorative hardware is used on the surface of furniture, decorated with a variety of decorative pieces, to play the role of finishing touch; the use of furniture depends on functional hardware accessories, functional hardware determines the style of furniture to a certain extent.

According to the function of use, furniture hardware can be divided into the following categories:

Connector and shelf pin, hinge and hinge, furniture lock and latch, kitchen furniture functional hardware, living room and bedroom furniture hardware, drawer rail, folding door and roll door hardware, office furniture hardware, furniture feet and legs, Interior decoration hardware and exhibition hall furniture hardware, furniture lamps, various nails and tools.

According to the type of furniture, furniture hardware can be divided into the following categories:

Furniture general hardware, kitchen furniture hardware, civil suite furniture hardware, hotel furniture hardware, interior decoration hardware, exhibition furniture hardware and so on.

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Wireless Mobile Phone Cabinet,QP Wireless Mobile Phone Cabinet,USB Wireless Mobile Phone Cabinet

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Wireless Mobile Phone Cabinet,QP Wireless Mobile Phone Cabinet,USB Wireless Mobile Phone Cabinet

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Wireless Mobile Phone Cabinet

Wireless Mobile Phone Cabinet,QP Wireless Mobile Phone Cabinet,USB Wireless Mobile Phone Cabinet

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