Gatorade Packing Bottle

There is Gatorade beverage produced by PepsiCo. Compared with the cylindrical shape of other beverage packaging, the lower part of the Gatorade bottle is concave inwards and forms a long column shape, which is more convenient for consumers to grasp.

Source: Flexible Packaging

The Metal Gongs are devided into Brass Gongs and Bronze Gongs based on the material. The Symphony Gongs have many different sizes of 15cm, 16cm, 22cm, 28cm, 30cm, 31cm, 32cm, 33cm and 37cm. You can choose the Copper Gongs according to your needs. The Percussion Gongs are handmade and the sound is very good. There are Chinese gongs and Wind Gongs . The copper gongs are trusted by the customer. We can provide OEM metal gongs.

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Metal Gongs

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