Talking about Anti-counterfeiting Printing Ink

With the continuous development of anti-counterfeit printing and research and development of anti-counterfeiting technology, the production and application of anti-counterfeiting technology products have also been rapidly developed. Anti-counterfeit ink is one of the most important technical branches in anti-counterfeiting technology. It covers many subjects such as optics, chemistry, electromagnetism, calculator technology, spectroscopy, printing technology, graphic digital technology, packaging technology, etc. It is A crossed edge subject. Among them, chemical anti-counterfeiting materials and technologies are the basic technologies of anti-counterfeit inks, occupying a very important position in research and application, and having irreplaceable functions in the field of anti-counterfeiting.

According to the characteristics of anti-counterfeiting technology products, namely: technical reliability, product exclusiveness, simplicity of identification, uniqueness of identification, anti-counterfeit timeliness, cost usability, etc., it is therefore required that anti-counterfeit ink technology should be the current ticket security and its trademark packaging anti-counterfeiting field. The highly practical technology can not only meet the requirements of the public's first-line anti-counterfeiting identification, but also meet the requirements for the identification and supervision of the second- and third-line senior experts and management departments. Now, with the rapid development of Chinese anti-counterfeit ink technology, some technologies have caught up with and surpassed the international advanced level, but due to management omissions, it has also led to a reduction in the security of some anti-counterfeiting inks.

Packaging, trademark anti-counterfeiting is the use of a variety of anti-counterfeiting means the most important aspect, and its core is the use of anti-counterfeiting ink printing, so in the development of a series of anti-counterfeit products standards, security ink standards are essential. In 1995, under the leadership of the State Bureau of Technical Supervision, the National Anti-counterfeiting Standardization Technical Committee was established, and the “Measures for the Management of Anti-counterfeiting Technology Products” was formulated to strengthen the management of anti-counterfeiting technology products to prevent and combat counterfeit and illegal activities, maintain market economic order and protect The legitimate rights and interests of producers and consumers of products. One of the important technical basis for the implementation of this management approach is "Technical Standards for Anti-Counterfeit Products." In 1997, some standards for anti-counterfeiting ink were issued, which played a very important role in solving the disorderly industry competition, regulating the anti-counterfeit market, promoting technological advancement and technological innovation, and accelerating the pace of anti-counterfeiting technology development.

The future development of anti-counterfeiting inks will not only satisfy the needs of general public identification, but also satisfy the need of government departments to supervise arbitration. Through the special performance of anti-counterfeiting information, it will accurately determine the authenticity. This is also a new concept of modern tickets and other anti-counterfeiting. It is the road to the development of anti-counterfeit technologies.
In the production of anti-counterfeiting inks, we must continue to develop new materials and develop new technologies. Such as the use of functional polymers, biological genes, optical, electrical, magnetic, thermal, laser holographic and other materials and science and technology, using new technology to create more high-grade anti-counterfeiting ink. In addition, in terms of anti-counterfeiting measures, in view of the fact that the anti-counterfeiting performance of a single anti-counterfeiting technology and means has been continuously declining, it is necessary to strengthen the development and production of comprehensive anti-counterfeiting and multi-functional anti-counterfeit technologies in order to achieve more high-grade anti-counterfeiting purposes. For example, the following anti-counterfeiting technology can be used to produce multifunctional security inks.

(1) Daylight anti-counterfeiting anti-counterfeiting technology: Daylight anti-counterfeit anti-counterfeiting technology is a more advanced first-line anti-counterfeiting technology, it is simple and convenient to identify, you can see the obvious color change effect under sunlight, but also through long-wave ultraviolet light (ie, check money Machine) inspection.
(2) Intelligent spectrum analysis anti-counterfeiting technology: It is a high-tech second-line and three-line anti-counterfeiting technology that combines very special encrypted substances and machine intelligence.
(3) Long-wave and short-wave fluorescent anti-counterfeiting technologies: Long-wave fluorescence anti-counterfeiting technology is the world's advanced anti-counterfeiting technology. (4) Fixed-temperature thermal anti-counterfeiting technology: Special chemical synthesis, with specific color temperature (eg 30°C, 40°C Or 50 °C) organic complexes, molecular structure design is complex, many varieties, rich in color, for example, from colorless to colorless or one color to another color.

(5) Laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology: It uses the basic laws of scattering, interference, reflection, transmission, absorption and diffraction generated by the interaction of light and matter to obtain a special visual effect. At present, the main technical means are a multilayer dielectric film structure using a thin-film interference effect, a grating structure, and various types of optical holography techniques that utilize information optics concepts. With the appearance and maturity of various processes, especially the molding process, and the improvement of other advanced technologies, the cost and anti-counterfeit performance of mass production have been greatly improved, thus becoming the preferred technology for the current packaging and other areas of anti-counterfeiting.

All these anti-counterfeiting technologies can be combined with anti-counterfeiting inks in one or more ways to produce anti-counterfeit inks with higher anti-counterfeiting performance and lower cost, so as to serve higher and broader anti-counterfeiting products.

In short, the battle between anti-counterfeiting and counterfeiting has ceased without interruption. “One foot tall and one hundred feet high,” because today's monopoly of anti-counterfeit materials and technology has declined, anti-counterfeiting materials such as security ink, paper, etc. Machinery and equipment are not well controlled. Most people can buy it everywhere. This intensifies the proliferation of counterfeiting. Today, in the market, from counterfeit currency, fake bills, to counterfeit goods, everywhere, to the people's lives and society. The stability of the economic order has had a very bad effect. Therefore, the research and development of anti-counterfeiting technology is even more imperative. From the development trend of international and domestic printing anti-counterfeiting technology, we use various disciplines of technology, a variety of superior technologies, multi-disciplinary joint use, and constantly develop new anti-counterfeiting materials, introduce new anti-counterfeit technologies, develop integrated anti-counterfeiting technologies, and adopt comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technologies. The road is an inevitable trend in the development of anti-counterfeiting technology. In addition, knowledgeable people also called for the strengthening of management of anti-counterfeit materials, technologies, and equipment, so that they truly become exclusive technologies and materials. In this way, we can better prevent the proliferation of counterfeit products.

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