Husky New Ultra 750 HT-S6 Nozzle

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Normal > Husky Injection Molding Systems introduced the Ultra 750 HT-S6 nozzle. The nozzle design consists of three types of melt channels for optimal rheology of the resin , a robust long-life stainless steel seal, excellent gate cooling for the fastest cycle times, and patented UltraSeal technology for leak-proof operation .

Normal > Ultra 750 The HT-S6 nozzle is a modified version of the hot gate Ultra 750 HT-SD , which sets a new benchmark for injection molding of the lid. It is designed so that the resin in the sprue runner has excellent fluidity and can change color more quickly.

Normal > The new nozzle uses Husky technology and has excellent performance. The high design level of Husky's hot runner plates ensures planar and temperature homogeneity. Due to the minimal thermal and mechanical impact on the mold cavity, it also improves the quality of the product and makes the mold life longer.

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