Multi-purpose assembled packing box

This packaging box can be assembled, storage does not take up space, and assembly, demolition quickly, with the special packaging bags can also be included in the package box components, the volume of the box into a state of 19.4%, for the user to save A large area of ​​warehouse space and operating time. The specific features are as follows:
The bottom surface of the box is a standard pallet structure, which conforms to international standard tray sizes such as containers.
Box materials include composite materials, high quality core boards, bamboo corner boards, honeycomb boards, multilayer boards, pulp boards, etc.;
The standard tray sill 120mm provides a safe packing height for the product;
The sealed rails of the whole process are used for plugging connections of the box boards, and are assembled into boxes in an instant, and the sealing is convenient. Only four sealing points are needed to seal the box.
The guide rails are made of ABS engineering plastics and have good rigidity and strength.
The use of powerful ratchet soft lashing straps to fix the contents on the tray increases its stability in the box, which is safe and convenient, and the tying band becomes the self-bracing of each box board;
“Enhance the aluminum-plastic composite material” as the inner packaging layer, and place the environmental protection "montmorillonite desiccant", moisture, dust, rust, heat radiation, anti-static;
Self-packed flexible packaging bags are used after the packaging box is loaded with packing boards and accessories to prevent loss and facilitate the use.

Source: Packaging Materials and Containers

Material: High strength alloy

Color: Blue

Size: L(1.34)M*W(0.75)M*H(1.5)M


1.The product is made of high strength alloy.

2.The product has anti-corrosion and never rust characteristics;

3.The product material strength is high, but the quality is light, more convenient for transportation, handling and installation;

4.The product adopts the package type design, the packing is compact, saves the space, is convenient to store, transport and disassemble;

5.The product adopts the design of 6-inch roller, which is convenient to move, large contact surface with the site and greatly reduces damage to the site.

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