The overall design of the package

However, the main exhibition should not be isolated. In the packaging as a whole. It is still a partial. An important part. Packaging is a three-dimensional object. The packaging people see is multi-angled. While considering the main exhibition. Consider the relationship with other faces. Consider the overall image of the entire package. Coherence, repetition, echoing, and segmentation between text, graphics, and color. The overall composition of the composition.
1. In a carton package, its front and back sides become the main exhibition. However, if the lateral width is equal to the main surface, the same design is sometimes used. Become exactly the same "main exhibition." No matter what the angle is, we feel united.
2. Mainly positive and negative. The side shows descriptive texts such as ingredients, functions, weights and instructions for use, shelf life, batch numbers for each competent department, etc. From the formal elements and constituents. To be connected and different. Generate rhythmic changes. And reflect the guarantee of science and quality.
3. Arrange cross-sections with text, photography, illustrations, and patterns to connect several faces as one subject. A large "main exhibition". And the picture of each side is also complete. This kind of design is during the exhibition of the shop. Using a combination of different faces, a large advertising screen is formed to achieve a strong visual effect and play an POP publicity role.

4. The label of the container is generally divided into a body mark, a breast mark, a shoulder mark, a belly mark, a neck mark, a top mark, and a lid horse mark. Attach one to three containers. Stickers are available in a variety of shapes, including body, chest, and abdomen flat, oval, and rectangular. There is a shape determined by the shape of the container. There is also a circle around the container. The shoulder and neck labels are mostly rectangular, fan-shaped, oval, circular, and so on. The number, shape, and size of labels used have a lot to do with the shape of the container. The main label of the container generally refers to the body mark, chest mark, and abdomen mark, and the three are used according to design requirements, because the relative area is the largest. Some containers use this mark, which echoes the bottle cap. Some containers (mainly wine bottles), plus shoulder labels and neck labels, and top labels, neck labels, and shoulder labels, have no breasts, abdomen, and main labels in various forms. .

5. The color design of the label is also inseparable from the relationship with the container. The relationship between the label and the label cannot be separated from the relationship with the bottle cap. Pursue the consistency of the background color of the label and the color of the container, highlight the name of the brand and the graphics. White container for women's cosmetics, accompanied by white stickers, with elegant lines and elegant black fonts, appear clean and elegant; while black brandy, accompanied by black stickers, golden ancient Roman body, flower body, Give people a solemn and noble sense. Emphasizes the contrast between the label and the container. The background color of the label uses black, white, gold, silver, and other relatively saturated colors to contrast with the container to open the lightness and hue, resulting in a strong and lively effect. It is also a method to directly put the trademark and brand name on the container.

6. The overall design of the packaging is also applied to the coordination of the box packaging and the container; the same design is applied to the box packaging and the bottle sticker, but the composition is slightly changed. The two colors contrast with each other, but they are also used in the name and other fonts. Echo; the image of the container appears on the box, and the part of the design of the carton is repeated on the container label. In a word, the design of packaging and decorating should be based on a theme, starting from the whole, considering the big things, and conforming to the conciseness, individuality, and aesthetic criteria, and conforms to the characteristics and consumption of commodities.

Source: PACK.CN

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