CorelDraw in the layout of books and magazines

Other layout settings in book typesetting are basically similar to office type software such as Word, Kingsoft Office, etc., such as paragraph, word and line spacing, font size change, cut and copy, etc., movement, alignment, first character sinking , tabs, tables (in CorelDRAW can make any complex form of the newspaper, but not like Excel and other professional watchmaking software can automatically calculate, can not automatically generate charts) and so on. All these operations can basically be realized by calling corresponding function items in the "Text" menu in the menu bar.

After the layout of graphics and text is completed, if it is placed according to the default page format of CorelDRAW, pages, gutters and other layout items can be automatically generated in the "print" item, and the page number sequence can be freely changed; if it is in the same The virtual page is adopted on the page surface (that is, the large rectangular frame such as paper is used to replace CorelDRAW's default actual paper). The layout of the graphic content is arranged. Some items such as page numbers need to be manually adjusted. Some people may think that manual adjustment is not suitable for book layout that does not apply to multi-page codes. In fact, this is redundant consideration: First, ordinary printers rarely receive thick books to print, but professional printers mainly print books. The typesetting software used is basically a software such as Founder Founder Software. Compared to widely distributed magazines or similar publicity albums, the page number is mostly between one or two hundred pages. Second, we can fully utilize CorelDRAW's powerful copy. Paste function to achieve; because CorelDRAW copy and paste functions are few software can match, although this "stupid" method is indeed too complicated for hundreds of pages of books, but it also brought us With a more free form of page layout, we can use this method to easily place the page number anywhere we want without worrying about the positional shift.

Most people who used to use PageMaker, Founder, QuarkXPress and other typesetting softwares think that using CorelDRAW for typesetting is too slow. In fact, this is completely a problem of not having a good number of pages in a file. Compared to the above software, CorelDRAW is actually a bit inconvenient for file speeds of more than 50 or 60 pages, but it actually puts dozens or even hundreds of pages into one file at the same time. It is very troublesome. They still have to pull out these pages and re-arrange them in order to make the printing plate. For prints with too many page numbers, we do not need to arrange all the page files in one file. We can adjust the number of pages in the file according to the actual situation at the time of printing. For example, the largest printing area of ​​the printing press can only print 16 pages. Page number, then we can arrange 16 page files into a file, this will not only speed up the speed of the file operation, but also facilitate the imposition of the plate to plate, so that a book of 300 pages, only need to do It can be as many as twenty files. Although at first glance it seems that there are too many files, it is not as convenient as a file such as PageMaker, but for the plate-making staff, one file is exactly the number of pages in a standard printing plate, and many plate-making personnel Also like to use CorelDRAW to spell the big version, if you use this grammar, a file is a version, it is very easy to operate.

There are a lot of typesetting staff who think that CorelDRAW does not have the convenience of PageMaker when arranging graphics. This is also an incomprehensible consequence of CorelDRAW. In CorelDRAW, the picture of the picture is better than CorelDRAW. We can use PageMaker. Patterns are arranged in such a way that they are more visible than in PageMaker. If PageMaker wants to achieve this clarity, PageMaker's speed advantage will be lost, and the pattern can be completely imported into the file. . The selection of whether or not to use a link when importing a pattern can be selected in the dialog box when the pattern is imported.

In professional typesetting software such as PageMaker and QuarkXPress, there is a "bookbinding" function that combines several files into one file. This is a pity in CorelDRAW and does not bring convenience to our typesetting work. At the same time, it also creates difficulties for us to arrange the catalogue of books - we must use a manual form to make a book catalogue.

The final arrangement of the layout document is to use the film to produce the printing plate. In this process, many people who had contact with the typesetting work ignored a serious problem - font compatibility. In addition to some large-scale printing plants, most printing companies can complete the work of typesetting, but rarely finish their own output, but send out to some output companies specializing in output jobs to produce film films or even produce printing plates. . At this time, when the document is transferred from the enterprise to the output company, the problem of font compatibility has to be considered. If it is only a two-page document, we can convert all the text into a curve, but this method is not suitable for multi-page code files; another method is to save all files as EPS format files, but this Although this method is good, it can sometimes bring about some other problems, but also increase the physical storage of the file; the best way is to store the existing CorelDRAW default Cdr in a memory (such as CD or MO). The file also stores the common Eps file in the industry. At the same time, the font used in the file is also copied to the memory. After the file is transferred, there is no need to worry about unnecessary trouble due to font compatibility.

Some large-scale printing enterprises in foreign countries and some inland areas have now started the process of editing drafts, viewing drafts, proofing and printing, and the circulation of documents on the Internet. This requires that our production staff must not only do typesetting, imposition, and output work, but also learn to circulate documents on the network - html files or PDF files. The Html file is used for the page file on the network. The physical storage capacity of the file is required to be as small as possible to facilitate browsing and circulation on the network. These matters to be noted can be selected from the output of the "File" menu to the "Interner" item. In addition to making Html files for network circulation, sometimes we also need to convert files to another standard file that can circulate in any operating platform or any language—PDF files. This kind of file can be used regardless of the operating system. It can't pick the language installed in the system. It can be circulated according to the style that we have on the local computer. The precautions for outputting such a file can be set and selected in the Publish PDF File function item in the "File" menu.

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