The Ink Balance Factors Affecting Offset Printing Journals--Accessories and Ink Roller

Third, ink auxiliary materials and ink roller

Whether the ink mix and the adjustment of the ink roller is appropriate, whether it can maintain good printing performance during the entire printing books and periodicals, this is also one of the main factors that the offset printing can guarantee the uniform ink color. When printing the same batch of the same book, as much as possible using the same manufacturer's ink as required to avoid the mixing of inks from different manufacturers or different labels, resulting in inconsistency in the hue and color density of the used ink, resulting in serious ink in the printed books and periodicals. Inconsistent. Whether it is a single shift or multi-shift production, auxiliary materials for inks, such as No.6 varnish, release agent, etc., must be metered and added in the same proportion, and resolutely prevent accessory materials from appearing indiscriminately. According to the seasonal temperature changes and appropriately added, such as the high temperature of high ink fluidity performance is unstable, try to add the original ink, keep the original ink for printing: low winter temperatures, poor ink flow, as little as possible to add some 6# oil, add more The ink density will be reduced and the printed text will be black and light at the time. However, after the ink is absorbed by the paper and penetrated and dried, the text is dark, and the printed product is dull and dull, and it is also easy to cause instability of the ink properties, resulting in serious ink emulsification, fouling of the layout, and the like. Therefore, the auxiliary materials for ink should be reasonably controlled and properly used, otherwise it will affect the quality of books and periodicals and cause malpractices such as uneven ink.

In terms of ink roller, we should choose a variety of properties of domestic famous manufacturers and test rollers with complete testing equipment and ISO 9002 certification. It requires a moderate hardness and a good viscous surface on the roller. When adjusting the ink roller, a single person should hold the plug that meets the standard and adjust whether the tightness of each roller is the same and whether the left and the right balance. At the same time we must ensure that the pressure of the ink roller is moderate, and the left and right pressures must be in parallel. The even ink roller and the ink roller cooperate well with each other to keep the printing plate uniform and minimize the inconsistency between the ink and the ink before and after printing. , And carefully check whether the surface of the roller by the plate is smooth and smooth, whether there are big flaws, such as indentation, scratches, or poor adjustment of the ink, causing local conjunctiva and crystallization. In the printing process, especially large-volume books and periodicals, in order to ensure the quality of books and periodicals, it is necessary to frequently clean the ink on the ink roller, paper powder, dirt ink and printed waste. Keep the ink roller's good ink-transmitting property, reduce the wear on the printing plate to ensure that the surface of the printed book and print is clean and tidy, with clear graphics and uniform and glossy ink.

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