Jet Screen No Plate System

Shanghai Tongli Screen Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. launched the Swiss Jet Screen computer-to-plate system, which broke through the traditional screen-making process must have the film-making mode of the film, can directly print the image through the computer digital output, inkjet printing in the coated photosensitive Gel screens no longer need film.

The system has a very precise piezo nozzle with a pixel resolution of 630 dpi and a screen resolution of 0.02 mm. Dot shape can be arbitrarily selected round, square, diamond and oval. During operation, a special, high-density hot-melt wax is sprayed onto the serigraphy photosensitive film, and the hot-melt wax immediately solidifies and adheres tightly to the photosensitive film. The hot melt wax can completely block ultraviolet rays, prevent ultraviolet rays from being diffracted at the time of exposure, and avoid side wall corrosion of the photosensitive film.

With the Jet Screen non-film platemaking system, not only the image printing uniform, rich layers, the edge of the image is clear, and the screen printing resistance is higher, it is the best choice for advertising network printing plate and peace network textile printing plate making.

Jet Screen new computer-to-plate system: color separation → inkjet exposure → screen development → printing.

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