The operation process of realizing the "light and dark" printing production process

In some parts printing and decoration printing processes, it is often necessary to add an indentation process, such as notes, notes, book covers, invitations, and some decoration printing products. According to the traditional printing process, the "clear printing" process is completed first, that is, the graphics are printed first, and then the indentation process is performed. In this way, the production efficiency and product overprint quality of printing are not satisfactory. Through production practice and exploration, the author has made technological innovations and improvements to the printed parts containing the indentation process, so that the original product that needs to be made in two passes can realize the production process of one-time printing of light and dark, which greatly improves the printing efficiency product quality. The operation process of the printing process is introduced as follows:

1. Printing machine

DT400 four-open automatic platform printing machine has the advantages of high printing precision, fast speed, large and uniform printing pressure, and relatively convenient operation, especially the machine has good printing suitability and high degree of automation, which is to realize the light and dark process in one machine Ideal choice.

2. Improvement of lining process

In order to realize the one-time light and dark printing process quickly and conveniently, the traditional embossing lining process must be improved, the inner lining should be thinned by 0.7mm, that is, the amount of padding within the lining layer should be reduced by Increase accordingly. In this way, after the thickness of the outer lining layer is increased by 0.7mm, it can be performed very flexibly: local increase and decrease adjustment, which is convenient for quickly realizing the process transition of light and dark one-time printing. Therefore, the increase and decrease adjustment of the outsourcing liner is an important measure to meet the requirements of the characteristics of the embossing light and dark one-time printing process and improve the printing efficiency and quality.

3. Ink roller selection and correct adjustment

The light and dark printing process is carried out under the condition that the height of the light and dark layout is adjusted to be slightly different. When printing, make sure that the printing plate can be evenly inked, while the dark marks are not stained with ink. This requires that the inking roller should have better accuracy, so the inking roller should use non-eccentric, non-bending deformation, high accuracy of the core and shaft head, so as to ensure uniform ink inking. The height position of the inking roller is adjusted so that the plate can be evenly inked, while maintaining proper contact with the string roller, so that the ink can be evenly received. However, the contact pressure with the steel roller must not be overweight, so as not to make the ink roller compressed and deformed, so that the dark surface is stained with ink.

4. Layout height adjustment

For printed note products, as long as the letterhead layout is more than 0.7mm high, it can form a height difference with the dark mark layout, which is convenient for the printed surface to receive ink, and the dark printed surface is not stained with ink because it is lower than the printed surface . As the surface of the printing plate is increased, the corresponding outer liner should be thinned accordingly. For this purpose, a 70g kraft paper wrapper should be used for the outsourcing lining, but on the back of this kraft paper corresponding to the dark mark layout, a piece of whiteboard paper with a moderate format and a thickness of 0.7mm should be glued so that the printed product can be printed. The pressure of the light and dark plates is even to ensure the printing quality. If printing products that require creasing, such as spine marks on the cover of books and periodicals, as long as the bottom of the steel blade of the indentation is grinded down with a grinder to about 0.7mm below the printing surface, then the indentation knife is directly connected with the printing The layout is combined, so that when printing, the steel blade is slightly lower than the plain printing surface and no ink is printed. However, it forms a gap with the lining, so it should be filled with hard padding of suitable thickness, such as whiteboard paper, on the indentation area of ​​the outer lining, so as to meet the indentation conditions and realize the one-time printing process.

In summary, the use of one-time light and dark printing process not only greatly improves the printing efficiency, but also significantly improves the quality of the product's overprint. At the same time, it also reduces the loss of raw materials and improves economic efficiency. For many years, in the production practice, the author has used the dark and light printing process for the products containing dark marks, so that the products that need to be done in two processes can be completed in one time. The effect of the implementation of the process has also been well priced by peers and customers, and it is a technical improvement with popularization and use value.

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