The top five selected stocks of institutions this week (2009-08-17)

(Information source: Guotai An Market Global Financial Information Analysis System)

Renhe Pharmaceutical (000650) 's performance exceeded expectations, and Guosheng Securities proposed an increase in holdings: the company's revenue and profit in the first half of the year increased significantly than market expectations, while the company's gross profit margin increased by 12.39%. Since the company's asset injection in 2007, its revenue and profits have maintained steady growth, and its profitability has also steadily improved. The company's management fee rate and financial fee rate showed a downward trend. The sales rate of the new product Qinghuo capsules after the spring rose more obviously, and the company's overall operating condition was good.
The company has completed asset injection and injected new profitability into the company. The company will continue to grow at a high speed, especially the combination of Kangmei and Yaodu Renhe will significantly improve the company's performance.
As a result of the company ’s unexpected performance and comprehensive analysis, we adjusted our earnings estimates. We expect the company ’s earnings per share from 2009 to 2010 to be approximately 0.56 yuan and 0.84 yuan, and maintain an overweight rating.

Renhe Pharmaceutical's stock performance for half a year (2009-2-17 to 2009-8-17)
Source of information: Guotai An Market Global Financial Information Analysis System Zhongfu Industrial (600595) has a cost advantage, Southwest Securities recommends that it pays attention to the reason: the company's alumina supply advantage is very obvious, two of the six existing alumina plants in the country In the vicinity of the company, the company can save raw material transportation costs. Henan Province released the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" Aluminum Industry Development Plan, which plans to use the aluminum industry as a pillar industry. The "Planning" supports Zhongfu Industry in the construction of projects with an annual output of 40,000 tons of cast alloys and 170,000 tons of continuous cast and rolled aluminum sheet and strip.
In addition, through the establishment of Zhongfu Power, the company's two core assets of aluminum and electricity have been adjusted to maintain the company's "aluminum and electricity integration" comprehensive cost competitive advantage. The cost of power consumption per ton of aluminum is 1800 lower than that of general electrolytic aluminum plants Around RMB, it has a great competitive advantage in the industry.
In the secondary market, the stock has performed well in the current round of the market. Although there have been adjustments recently, the stock is extremely active and can be followed.

Half-year (2009-2-17 to 2009-8-17) stock performance of Zhongfu Industrial
Information source: Guotai An Market Global Financial Information Analysis System Shuangqian (600623) State-owned capital integration expectations, Yinshen Wanguo suggested to pay attention to the reason: The company's main tire production and sales, several listed tire companies recently announced results, showing the industry across the board Warm up. The company's biggest concern is that it is a subsidiary of Shanghai Huayi Group. In the future, the integration of Shanghai's state-owned assets is expected to become a catalyst, and the value of cross-shareholding is also relatively clear. On the trend, the stock broke through the market and went up against the market, with trading opportunities, you can participate.

Shuangqian shares half a year (2009-2-17 to 2009-8-17) share price performance
Source of information: Guotai An Market Global Financial Information Analysis System Demei Chemical (002054), a leader in the printing and dyeing auxiliaries industry, Jintong Securities recommends to pay attention to the reasons for bargain hunting: the company is the leading domestic textile auxiliaries industry, with a market share of approximately 10%. The company's performance is good and its growth is outstanding. It is expected that the net profit attributable to the owners of the parent company in the first half of the year will increase by 30% to 50% over the same period of the previous year. The company's main advantages are:
1. Has the leading R & D strength in the industry, has strong bargaining power, and can maintain a relatively stable gross profit margin level;
2. The company adopts a direct sales-oriented sales model supplemented by regional distributor sales, and has formed a marketing network covering the main textile printing and dyeing areas in the country;
3. Benefit from the integration of consumption upgrade and industry upgrade;
4. The industry investment has achieved remarkable results.

Demei Chemical's stock performance for the six months (2009-2-17 to 2009-8-17)
Source of information: Guotai An Market Global Financial Information Analysis System Stellar Technology (002132) market share has increased significantly to 50%, Great Wall Securities recommends attention to the reason: the company is a segment of the steel industry, the company ’s main business is galvanized steel wire and Galvanized steel strands take the lead in the country.
Against the background of the macroeconomic recovery, the company has benefited from the recovery of the automotive industry. In addition, the country's increased investment in power grids has also improved the company's operating performance.
In the context of a sharp rebound in business conditions, the company's products are selling well, and its market share has increased to 50%, and the company's industry competitive position has been further consolidated.
In the secondary market, the stock built a platform above 10.5 yuan to carry out range shock consolidation, and the transaction shrank significantly. Under the substantial adjustment in the secondary market, it showed good resistance to falling, and the main chip lock was better. At present, the company's dynamic P / E ratio in 2009 is around 20 times, and there is a certain underestimation. Once the stock's volume breaks through the platform, it will further expand the space.

Stellar Technology's half-year (2009-2-17 to 2009-8-17) share price performance
Source of information: Guotai An Market Global Financial Information Analysis System

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