Basic guidelines for troubleshooting of offset press machines

7.2 Basic guidelines for machine troubleshooting

The failures of printing presses are ever-changing. If we talk about them one by one, it will never be finished, and it is actually unnecessary. Despite the variety of failures, there are still certain rules to follow. Seizing these rules, it will be much easier to troubleshoot.

Restoring the ideal working state of the machine is the basic criterion for troubleshooting the machine. Any machine has its ideal working state, the key question is how to master this ideal state. Taking a printing machine as an example, it is in an ideal state, that is, its six major traces should be in an ideal working state. Therefore, restoring the ideal working state of the printing press is to restore the ideal working state of its six major traces. This is the most basic criterion to be followed when troubleshooting the machine. Another basic criterion for machine troubleshooting is the benchmark principle. The so-called benchmark is the starting point of all actions and behaviors. With the reference point, other relationships with respect to the reference can be guaranteed, otherwise there will be a chaotic state. The benchmark includes an absolute benchmark and a relative benchmark. There is only one absolute benchmark and it cannot be changed; at least one relative benchmark can be changed in relation to the absolute benchmark.

Machine failures include two major categories: mechanical failures (including electrical failures) and process failures.

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