Mixed-modulus combination oscilloscope for full target waveform display

German Hameg (010-62176785) 200M mixed signal analog-digital oscilloscope with FFT function HM2008, its characteristics are as follows: High sampling rate: 2GS / s real-time sampling rate, 20GS / s random equivalent sampling rate; Storage depth: with 2M storage depth for each channel of storage amplification; 2 analog channels and 4 logical channels: simultaneous analysis of analog and digital signals; one-click to complete FFT analysis: rapid transition between time domain and frequency domain; U disk quickly stores screens and data : Can store BMP graphics, CSV, ASCâ…¡, BIN data reference signal and configuration; Standard configuration: U disk and USB / RS-232 interface (optional IEEE-488, LAN / USB); Signal display mode: Yt, XY and FFT ; Powerful: traditional CRT analog oscilloscope + high-speed digital oscilloscope + FFT analyzer + ASA component test + logic analyzer.

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