Online helium detector details

On-line helium gas detector TD500-He parameters: Detection gas: Helium detection principle: Thermal conductivity detection principle Detection method: fixed, on-line detection, diffusion measurement, pipeline type, pumping type, circulation type optional measurement range: 0 ~100%Vol Resolution: 0.01%VOL, Accuracy: ±1%FS Repeatability: ±1.0% Linearity Error: ±2.0% Uncertainty: 2%Rd Zero Drift: ±2.0%FS/year Span Drift: ≤± 2.0% FS/year display mode: LCD display (optional) Response time: ≤10 seconds Recovery time: ≤30 seconds Explosion-proof mark: ExdIICT6 Explosion-proof connection thread: 3/4"NPT or M20*1.5 internal thread signal output: 4~ 20mA three-wire standard current (maximum load 1500 ohms), contact output (contact capacity 220V, 1A), RS485 output (optional) Maximum transmission distance: 1100 meters (RVV0.75 three-core shielded cable) Operating temperature: -20 °C~+70°C Relative humidity: 10%~95%RH (non-condensing) Power supply: 24VDC±5VDC Heavy quantity: about 1.5Kg For details, please download

Soap Rack Or Holder

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