Precautions for moving: Six taboos that must be known

The new house is renovated and it is necessary to move. For the precautions of moving, people who are older may be more concerned about feng shui taboos, but for young people, they do not believe this does not know what taboos. Therefore, whether the feng shui taboo of the move should be paid attention to is the individual, the letter is there, and the letter is not. Here are the six feng shui taboos that have been collected for everyone's attention . Even if you don't believe it, it's fine to take a look.

1. Choose a good day

You must choose an auspicious day for the day of moving. You can see which day is good on the calendar or the birthday or other anniversary of a family member. The moving time must be before noon, and it cannot be moved at night, because the yang is big before noon and the yin is heavy at night.

2, pregnant women can not participate in moving

If you have a pregnant woman at home, you can't participate in the process of moving. You can push the moving time first, or the pregnant woman will go to the house for a while before moving to a new house. If pregnant women are involved in moving, one is afraid that she will be injured, and the other is that the new house smells heavy and is afraid of affecting the normal development of the fetus.


3, the new house must be "fire"

"Fire" is the first three days of moving into a new house, open the lights used in the room, let them shine for three days and three nights, until the day you move in and live.

There are two purposes for doing "fire". One is for the safety of the house, telling those who are in the wrong place, not to be close, and the other is brightly lit, meaning that prosperity is prosperous.

4, the owner must be present

On the day of moving, the owner should be on the scene, try not to entrust others to help, so as not to lose the financial.

5, set off firecrackers

Staying in a new home is a happy event. You can tell others about your family's happy events by setting off firecrackers and let others share your happiness.

6, can not enter the house empty-handed

On the day of moving, the first time I entered the house, I must have some more valuable things in my hand. This means that the family will be full of food and clothing and become more and more prosperous.


7, can not be rebuilt after staying in a new house

After moving into a new house, you should not carry out construction and renovation, because it will affect the neighbors. If you really want to make a change, you have to choose a better day to do it.

8. Fire on the day of moving

On the first day of moving to a new home, you may not be able to make a big meal and ask your friends to eat. Then please ask afterwards, but be sure to open the stove. Even if you cook a little sweet tea, please drink it. On the one hand, it is to increase the popularity of the family, on the other hand, it is to open the stove, which means that the family will thrive afterwards.

The above are the eight taboos about moving the precautions. I don't know if you have noticed these when you usually move. I hope everyone can give you a reference after reading.


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