How to maintain the eyes of different ages

How to maintain the eyes of different ages
How to maintain the eyes? In daily life, no matter how carefully you wear contact lenses every time, Xiaobian will sweat for your eye skin. In our daily life, we face the dust in the air, the radiation of the computer every day, and the fragile eye skin can no longer follow the wayward. If you accidentally let wrinkles, bags under the eyes, dark circles climb on the skin of the eyes, many people I don't know how to care for the eye skin. Then let Xiaobian give you advice based on the age group.
Eye cream does not need to be expensive but suitable
Moisturizing, dark circles, firming, anti-aging, wrinkle-removing, the functions and types of eye creams are all varied. More gimmicks are not as good as they are! Young eye skins only need to be moisturized to prevent dry lines. It will be enough. If you are too greedy to use too much or too moisturizing eye cream to grow fat particles, do not need to be nervous, just need to stop using it for a while will naturally disappear. Quietly grow fine lines, in addition to choosing the age-appropriate eye cream, also remember to make the eye makeup as thin as possible to reduce the burden on the eye skin. Use different eye creams for different age groups!
20 years old needs hydration to eliminate fatigue
Must do: Choose a refreshing eye cream, such as gel. Can effectively remove eye bags and dark circles.
Weapons: Put the eye cream into the refrigerator the night before, and it is especially effective for eliminating edema in the eye for ten minutes.
Don't: Don't try to use a lot of eye cream to recover the eye bags caused by the party at all, which is no more effective than using normal amount. When applying eye cream, do not squeeze the skin around your eyes with your fingers. It is important to know that the lacrimal gland and the lymph of the eye are very delicate.
30 years old to maintain a comfortable
Must do: This stage focuses on the initial fine lines, enhances the brilliance of the eyes, and maintains a youthful state. It is necessary to strengthen the moisturizing effect to achieve the dual effect of strengthening the skin thickness and eliminating the obvious dark circles.
Do not: Never use a cream around the eyes. Face cream is too nutritious for delicate eyes, and it is easy to cause eye bags. In addition, some of the ingredients in the cream that are suitable for the facial skin can cause skin irritation.
40 years old wrinkle removal
Must do: for the obvious eye pattern, you can not ignore the bags under the eyes and dark circles. The years are rushing, and annoying skin problems begin to accumulate. At this time, it is necessary to use a high concentration of recycled ingredients to wrinkle and firm the skin.
Don't: Don't use them because of the refreshing sensation of gel or gel. They don't help wrinkles. To delay aging, a thicker, more nutritious eye cream should be used.
Rejuvenated by the age of 50
Must do: When the first age spots creep up the corners of the eyes, the logo seems to flow through the water. Unlike wrinkles, they make people look more aging. At this time, wrinkle, firmness, and a modified eye cream should be used. The loose eye bags are also the enemy of this age group, which makes the eyes look bloated and indifferent.
Don't worry: it's not enough to apply only eye cream. Both smiley and slack eyelids require products that promote muscle vitality. Don't trim your eyelashes. When you apply it, keep your gestures light and don't get it in your eyes. This will also reduce the edema.
Essential eye massage
Is it still complaining that many products have not been so easy to use? In fact, it is often because of the importance of neglecting the use of techniques. The function of many eye creams is to be assisted by massage. Taking advantage of the heat of the shower, the temperature of the fingers is used to promote absorption by point pressure, and the eye cream that is difficult to push is melted instantly. Since the eye part is more likely to produce fat particles, the eye cream can be applied to the eye cream from the end of the eye.

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