What is the warmest tip for Weidu flooring: what you need to know when purchasing laminate flooring

Weidu Flooring Co., Ltd. Shanghai Weidu Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is an enterprise dedicated to meeting the global consumer demand for home wood products. Has advanced research and development and quality testing equipment. The introduction of a full set of international advanced equipment, the main business scope covers solid wood flooring, antique flooring, laminate flooring, ecological flooring, outdoor flooring, wooden doors and floor substrates, accessories, etc. The products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions in Europe and Oceania. It is the industry's first flooring company with offices in Paris, France and Sydney, Australia. Weidu flooring brand is advanced, so how about Weidu flooring? Can it meet the needs of consumers? Then let's take a look at how Weidu flooring and warm tips: what you need to know to buy composite flooring.

How about Weidu flooring

Chengdu Weidu Building Materials Co., Ltd. is an enterprise dedicated to meeting the global consumer demand for home wood products. It has the advantages of long-term application of forest resources, as well as strong resource control and research and development capabilities, forming a perfect global high-quality wood procurement system, ensuring the company's sustainable development ability. Establish close cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign wood R & D institutions such as the Institute of Wood Industry, Chinese Academy of Forestry, and hire domestic and foreign industry experts as technical consultants. And independently own wood and new products laboratory, with advanced research and development and quality testing equipment.

The introduction of a full set of international advanced equipment, the main business scope covers solid wood flooring, antique flooring, laminate flooring, ecological flooring, outdoor flooring, wooden doors and floor substrates, accessories, etc. Become a model factory for floor production in China that meets the highest international standards, providing a good guarantee for the realization of Weidu's long-term development strategy. The products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions in Europe and Australia. It is the industry's first flooring company with offices in Paris, France and Sydney, Australia. It is also one of the star enterprises of China's wood products export and earn foreign exchange. With nearly 500 sales experience centers, more than 1,000 professional home consultants and customer service engineers. Wei Du is entering the world's leading brands in the field of home wood products at a faster rate.

Weidu Floor Service Concept

Weidu Floor advocates the business philosophy of "providing consumers with high-quality products and providing home services beyond products", grandly launching [365] every day caring service, highly praised by the vast number of consumers, for better serving Weidu Floor customers . The Wedo service system has undergone a comprehensive upgrade once again, which really makes the Wedo customers “worry-free”.

Implementation of comprehensive service upgrade:

1. Zero tariff delivery: free delivery within the city.

2. Simultaneously upgrade Weidu flooring accessories to let users feel the comfortable enjoyment brought by Weidu high-quality flooring and high-quality accessories

3. Implementation of warranty service and life-long maintenance policies: solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring, ecological composite flooring, one-year quality warranty, and reinforced flooring provide 15-25 years of quality warranty. And provide lifelong maintenance and maintenance service consulting.

Fourth, implement a 400 free service hotline worldwide, sincerely serve customers.

Fifth, the site survey will be conducted within 48 hours, and the solution will be negotiated with the client within three working days after the survey.

Sixth, the implementation of customer file query system: to establish a customer file for customers who purchase Weidu flooring, to provide one to one tracking service.

7. Implementation of product anti-counterfeiting inquiry system: the establishment of product 12365 anti-counterfeiting inquiry system with the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, so that consumers can rest assured to use Weidu flooring.

Eight, 100% transparent professional installation: according to different paving environments and customer requirements for professional installation of transparent quotes.

Nine, 365 ° maintenance service: provide maintenance consultation and professional maintenance for customers who purchase Weidu flooring, use special maintenance products for Weidu flooring.

10. Warm reminder of Wedo 365 daily care service: According to different seasons floor maintenance, cleaning requirements, national holidays, etc., we will provide customers with mobile phone text message warm maintenance tips and sincere greetings and blessings.

The advantages of Wedo flooring

1. Product advantages:

The development of new products is guaranteed by the recognition of customers and the continued profitability of dealers. Wedo's product series include parquet flooring, antique flooring, laminate flooring, solid wood flooring, wooden doors, etc., providing consumers with a variety of options, anti-geothermal flooring, ecological Wooden outdoor floors, bio-wax floors, and high-definition era floors will also be launched successively in 2009; Wei Du continues to provide high-quality products with international leading technology. Allows you to create sales myths in a state of weak competition.

2. Service advantages:

Established a customer-oriented service management system and responded quickly to customer needs in a timely manner. Weidu established four major service systems: a global free service hotline, a customer file query system, a customer return visit system, and a dust-free star installation service. Customer satisfaction as the concept of pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service system.

3. Marketing advantages:

An efficient, harmonious and professional management team formed by many professional technical R & D, production, marketing, human resources and other management talents in the industry, working together to develop the market together. We will conduct full-course training on the sales, professional installation, customer service and other personnel of dealers around the country, and will also conduct regular assessments. After the dealers join, including the design, decoration, opening promotion, group purchase and sales of the company, we will implement full-time labor services ;

What you need to know to buy composite flooring

1. Wear-resistant revolutions

This is an important indicator to measure the quality of composite flooring. Objectively speaking, the higher the number of wear-resistant revolutions, the longer the floor should be used, but the level of wear resistance is not the only criterion for measuring the service life of the floor.

2. Swelling rate after water absorption

This index can be regarded as qualified within 3%, otherwise, when the floor encounters moisture, or the humidity is relatively high, and the surrounding seal is not tight, it will deform and affect normal use.

3. Floor thickness

At present, the thickness of the floor on the market is generally 6 to 12 mm, which can be determined according to the actual needs of the family. If it is a solid wood floor, the thicker the better.

4. Assembly effect

You can assemble two floor panels to see if they are neat and tight after assembly.

5. Floor weight

The weight of the floor depends mainly on the density of its substrate. The base material determines the stability and impact resistance of the floor, so the better the base material and the higher the density, the heavier the floor.

6. Formal certificate and inspection report

When consumers choose the floor, they must find out whether the merchant has relevant certificates and quality inspection reports.

7. Environmental performance

The general concern of consumers is the environmental performance of the floor. When choosing a floor, the first consideration should be the environmental protection of the product, followed by the other properties of the product, and the price. The floor of general home decoration requires formaldehyde emission ≤1.5mg / L (national standard), and the EU environmental standard for human settlement ≤0.5mg / L.

8. After-sales service

Reinforced composite flooring generally requires professional installers to use special tools for installation, so consumers must ask whether merchants have a professional installation team and whether they can provide formal warranty certificates and warranty cards.

In the face of many brands of laminate flooring products appearing on the market, in fact, consumers do not have to be dazzled. As long as they start with quality, color, environmental performance, and after-sales service, they can choose the floor that meets their needs.

Precautions for maintenance of solid wood flooring

1. Keep the floor dry and clean and avoid contact with large amounts of water. It is not allowed to scrub with corrosive liquids such as alkaline water, soapy water, etc., so as not to damage the paint film. You can wipe it with a wrung-out cotton mop. You cannot wipe it with a wet mop, gasoline, flammable objects, and high-temperature liquids.

2. Wax the wax every once in a while, the time interval depends on the finish of the floor paint. The method is to first clean the floor with a semi-dry rag and wax it. Spread it evenly on the floor surface and let it "saturate". After a little dry, wipe it back and forth on the floor with a soft cloth until it is smooth and translucent.

3. If there is a large area of ​​water immersion or local water immersion for a long time, if there is clear water left, it should be dried with a dry cloth in time, and the floor should be removed and placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry. It is strictly forbidden to use an electric heater to dry or Expose in the sun. After the floor is dry, use the floor moisture detector to detect the moisture content of the floor, keel or deck, and the moisture content of the floor. It is suitable for local equilibrium moisture content before installation.

4. In daily use, pay attention to avoid scratching the floor with hard objects such as heavy metal sharps, glass ceramics, nails, etc .; furniture can be glued with a layer of rubber or special corner pads on the bottom, and should not be pushed and pulled directly on the floor when moving the furniture , Should be lifted and moved gently, do not drag on the surface of the floor; do not make the floor contact with open flame or place high-power electric heater directly on the floor.

5. The dirt on the surface of the solid wood floor should be removed in time. If there are oil stains, use a cloth or mop dipped in warm water or a small amount of washing powder, or use neutral soap and a little washing spirit to clean. If the stain is serious, this method is invalid, and can be gently wiped with high-quality sandpaper or steel wool. If it is a stain of medicine, beverage or paint, it must be removed before it penetrates the wooden surface. The cleaning method should be wiped with a soft cloth dipped in furniture wax. If it still does not work, you must wipe it with steel wool dipped in furniture wax. If it is contaminated with ink, it should be wiped with a soft cloth dipped in wax in time. If it is not effective, it can be wiped with steel wool dipped in furniture wax.

6. The floor after paving should be minimized by direct sunlight to prevent the paint from drying and aging in advance due to excessive ultraviolet radiation.

7. If there is any penetration or moisture on the wall, you need to check the source immediately.

8. Once the termite's footprint is found, quickly ask the company to deal with the entire house.

9. During the rainy season when the humidity is too high, it is best to turn on the dehumidifier and dehumidify the air conditioner to control the air humidity. You can also choose a dehumidifier.

10. In the dry season, it is best to increase the humidity. The simplest method is to put a pot of water in the corner or buy a humidifier to maintain the moisture of the air to prevent the wooden floor from being too dry and cracking. It is normal to keep the relative humidity of the air between 40% and 70%.

11. If the paved floor does not live for a long time, it is necessary to open the window frequently for ventilation, and do not cover it with plastic cloth or newspaper. Over time, the paint film becomes sticky and loses its luster. At the same time, avoid objects with high temperature directly contacting the floor. If the indoor air humidity is less than 40%, the temperature needs to be increased appropriately. If the humidity is greater than 100%, dehumidification measures are required.

Editor's summary: How about Weidu flooring and warm tips: The relevant information about what you need to know when buying composite flooring is introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will help everyone. If you still do n’t understand something, you can leave a comment below, we will answer it as soon as possible.

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