How to identify the quality of plush toys? How to distinguish plush toys

[Chinese and foreign toy network news] How to identify the quality of plush toys ? How to distinguish between good and bad plush toys is undoubtedly the most important consideration for friends who buy plush dolls. Because the plush toys are directly skin-friendly products, the health safety standards are higher. Let's take a look at the Chinese and foreign toy network () Xiaobian, how to identify the good and bad methods of plush toys!

How to identify plush toys? Look at the following four aspects.
How to identify plush toys

1, appearance

The appearance can generally explain the basic problem of a toy, whether it is fine, whether the shape is beautiful, and whether the gap is qualified. Generally, large manufacturers will make great efforts in the design of plush toys, and small factories will only imitate other people's shapes, often use poor materials, and the quality of work is rough, and the plush toys made are terrible. Therefore, when choosing a plush toy, you can't just look at the size and price. You will find in the toy wholesale market that there will be dozens of plush dogs in the same store, which are also 30CM, and the price ranges from 10 yuan to 50 yuan. Because you use better materials, handle more details, and do more workmanship, you need to invest more manpower and resources.

2, feel

Appearance is only a preliminary impression. For the sales of toys, the merchants will generally work hard on the exterior materials, but the real content fillers, this can only be touched, you can put them on the face, the price is more expensive and soft and soft. The cheaper ones are short-haired fabrics, which are harder to feel, and sometimes feel the feeling of being tied. The difference in internal filling, the feeling of gripping, the resilience of the toy, the natural distribution of the filler, and the degree of contamination of the toy itself after washing.

3, filler

Filler is the key to truly testing plush dolls. Nowadays, the main stuff used in the general plush toys is foam, sponge, cotton, PP cotton (three-dimensional cotton), PP vacuum cotton (three-dimensional vacuum cotton), and also among the low-to-high fillers. A mixture of two. Among them, PP cotton and PP vacuum cotton are of high quality. Generally, on the doll packaging, there are components of the identification material, which can be measured in your own heart.

4, the price of the brand

Although it is not that the more famous and expensive things are good things, these small toys are all worth a penny. The cost is basically transparent. The price is good. The materials are slightly more expensive. The brand is more strict on the channel quality assurance. In general, they also value their reputation. Therefore, for the safety of children, you can't save money.

Children, our future also makes us happy and happy, but how to accompany our children to grow up healthily and vigorously, we need to use our love to care for and use wisdom to cultivate.

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