Glass bottle selling point in safety

Glass bottle packaging in the field of food development, the performance of the market over the past few years has become increasingly popular, many of the heart of the food packaging introduced are abandon the plastic bottle packaging, instead of using glass bottles to package food. In this regard, the author believes that the main benefit from two aspects. The first is that glass bottle packaging materials have better stability than plastic bottles. Plastic bottles were affected by plasticizers and bisphenol A for the first 2 years. Consumers have some doubts about their packaging safety. Glass bottles have gradually emerged from several plastic bottle crisis events. This is also a major cause of the bottle force in the field of food packaging. On the other hand, after the plastic bottle has taken up an absolute position in the packaging market, the glass bottle packaging as a choice of merchant differentiated packaging has gradually been valued and welcomed by the market.

However, for the above two reasons, if glass bottles are to be packaged against plastic bottles, plastic bags, and other novel packaging, it is clear that glass bottles need to be enhanced with more advantages before they can be overcome.

The author believes that the main selling point of glass bottle packaging is not the price, nor is it a novel appearance, but also lies in the stability, safety and reliability of its material. Many consumers see the glass bottle packaging, this is the most important sense of consumption. In today's frequent food safety problems, it is very obvious that this is very important, and this is what the glass bottle manufacturers need to highlight.

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