Five natural ingredients to soothe after-sun skin and hair

Five natural ingredients to soothe after-sun skin and hair
After the summer is over, the skin and hair are more or less damaged by the sun. How to save the skin and hair scalp after sunburn? These five natural soothing ingredients are enough.
After swimming or playing on the beach, your hair is always wet and scalp is also prone to dust mites, soak your hair with soda. He can remove the long-lasting accumulation of hair and keep the hair shiny and healthy.
2. Diy body membrane body has a high trick
After a day of sun exposure, your skin needs a deep-nutrient spa. Prepare to take a hot bath, pour a can of coconut milk and four spoon oatmeal, soak for 15 minutes. After the bath, use plenty of pure almond oil on the wet skin. These three natural ingredients can relieve sunburn with moisturizing properties.
3. Aloe vera gel and cucumber to relieve sunburn
Applying aloe vera gel to the body can cause sunburn and calm the skin. Cucumber tablets can also have this effect. However, in order to achieve the best results, you can apply moisturizing ingredients to the skin after using aloe vera and cucumber.
4, banana
Bananas are rich in vitamins and minerals. They are natural moisturizers. Vitamin A also has black spots on the calves and smoothes the texture of the skin. Add brown sugar to the banana paste and make a scrub for sensitive skin.
5, apple cider vinegar
After being exposed to the sun, the skin is prone to oil, and excessive secretion of oil leads to large pores in the skin. Apple cider vinegar can be drunk and applied to the face to help you clean your pores.

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