Wan toy enterprises have a multi-pronged approach to the most stringent standards in history

Wan toy enterprises have a multi-pronged approach to the most stringent standards in history

Wan toy enterprises have a multi-pronged approach to the most stringent standards in history

On July 20th, the EU new toy safety directive, which is considered to be the “most demanding toy safety technology regulation in the world”, was fully implemented. Dongguan is China's largest toy export base, accounting for one-fifth of the country's exports, and a considerable part of it is sold to EU countries.

The reporter recently visited the Dongguan Enterprise and learned that although technical barriers have caused them to encounter a lot of export pressure, many companies have learned to walk on multiple legs, on the one hand to improve product quality to deal with technical barriers, and to strive for the European market; on the other hand, they are actively exploring domestic sales. Markets and emerging markets.

Strive for the EU market

Compared with the past, the chemical part of the new directive requires that the number of heavy metals restricted in the old directive be increased from 8 to 19, and the limit requirement is generally increased. At the same time, 66 new banned spices and banned carcinogenic, genetic mutations, and affecting fertility (CMR) substances have been added. It is prohibited to produce and sell certain types of toys that do not comply with other laws, including the Cosmetics Directive and the Directive on Food Contact Materials. . The EU New Toy Safety Directive is considered to be the most stringent toy safety technology regulation in the world.

"This time has basically no impact on us." The head of Dongguan Ha Yidai Toys Co., Ltd. said that in recent years, the EU toy safety directive has become stricter, and companies have continuously improved product quality through technological research and development methods, except for a very small number of raw materials that require environmental protection. Material substitution, others meet or exceed new standards.

“The basis for the development of toy standards in the European Union is the “potential danger” of toys. Unlike domestic ones, some types of raw materials are banned only after a danger has occurred. Therefore, the strict benefits and disadvantages of toys are not absolute.” The person in charge said, but if the company wants to establish itself in the European market, it must strictly demand itself and make good products, otherwise it will always be led by the nose.

The relevant person in charge of Dongguan Meichitu Industrial Co., Ltd. also said that the quality requirements of toys in the EU are getting higher and higher. For enterprises that are interested in making high-quality toys, this is not a good thing. High standards have improved the market. Access thresholds are a form of protection for a quality business. This is also the case, the products of Meritor Graphics have gained a great market recognition in the EU market.

Exploring emerging markets

"The products that fail to pass the test in the EU are far beyond the national standards. Therefore, enterprises can completely watch food and eat, and do things according to specific conditions." The person in charge of the first generation said that not only in response to technical barriers, but now the appreciation of the renminbi, As raw materials rise, the profit margins of toy companies are constantly being compressed. Therefore, toy companies must learn to walk on multiple legs.

While striving for the European and American markets, the first generation also strives to break through the dilemma of orders by opening up emerging markets. In the toy showroom of the first generation, there is such a new toy. This toy has a distinct Middle Eastern atmosphere in terms of appearance and language. The person in charge said that this toy is an Arab toy developed by the first generation to open the Middle East market.

The Middle East market is a new market that the Ha generation has been docking since last year. "The Middle East market is a rising star. The technical standards are not as high as those in the European and American markets. Although the demand for toys is not as good as that of the European and American markets, the order volume has been in a state of constant growth," said the relevant person in charge of the Dongguan generation.

In recent years, Boxiang Plastic Products Factory has also transferred its business to China, leaving only 30% of orders in the European market. Dongguan Zhilebao Children's Toys Co., Ltd. also chose to slowly fade out of the EU market, shifting its focus to domestic sales, as well as the Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia markets.

The Dongguan Toy Association said that the rise of the domestic market has led many farmers to find a new direction and share the risks of the new EU regulations. On the one hand, toy companies must build brands, respond to changes in foreign toy technology standards, and improve their ability to respond to foreign trade barriers. At the same time, they should actively explore emerging export markets and domestic markets, establish a diversified export market, and reduce dependence on traditional European and American markets. .


New toy regulations introduced this year

On February 15, 2013, Australia implemented the 2013 Australian Federal Consumer Protection Bulletin No. 1 Consumer Product Safety Standard: Walker, requiring walkers to meet ASTM F977-12 standards.

From July 1, 2013, Sweden banned the incorporation of bisphenol A in baby food packaging coatings and coatings.

On July 20, 2013, the EU implemented the new toy safety directive, and the number of heavy metals required to limit the chemical sector increased to 19.

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