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Product Name: Automatic Liquid Packaging Machine

Product model: DXDY60/B type

Product introduction : The automatic liquid packaging machine is also known as --dt21jx automatic liquid packaging machine, which is specially designed for reasonable packaging of liquid products with high viscosity. The pump body of the automatic packaging machine is all made of stainless steel and the packaging volume can be rated. In-range adjustment. The equipment not only has a major breakthrough in the manufacturing process, but also has the advantages that the same industry cannot exceed in the design of the equipment. The overall structure of the machine is perfect and the appearance is simple and generous. High level balance tank or self-priming pump for quantitative filling, straight heat sealing and cutting, bag size, package weight, sealing and cutting temperature adjustment convenient and reliable, production date ribbon printing, edge sealing, back sealing, photoelectric tracking. The equipment is easy to operate, easy to use and high in work efficiency. It is especially suitable for use in the production line.

Scope of application : The automatic mustard packing machine is equipped with an automatic stirring device, which can carry out reasonable soft packaging for liquid products with different viscosities, and can also pack slag sticky bodies, which is especially suitable for the upgrading and packaging of convenient food seasoning. Such as: shampoo, juice, honey, jam, tomato sauce, shampoo, car shampoo, liquid pesticide, sauce package, vinegar package, bagged pesticide, grease packaging machine, grease, cosmetics, etc., is food, medicine, chemical industry The most ideal packaging equipment for liquid products in industries such as Japan and Japan.

Technical Parameters:

Packaging capacity 50-100 bag / minute Measuring range 1.0-50mm Bag length 60-180mm, width 50-120mm Power supply voltage 380V Three-phase four-wire power consumption 1620 (heating 180 × 4) W Dimensions Wide 650 × deep 750 × 1588mm high net weight 170kg

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1. The pump body is all made of stainless steel, and the packing volume can be adjusted steplessly within the rated range.
2, semi-fluid type machine: with stirring device, can stick with slag sticky body, especially suitable for convenient food seasoning upgrade.
3, key switch + full digital display. The operation is stable and reliable.
4, computer control, stepping motor drive pull bag, bag making high precision.
5, automatic tracking color standard, intelligent exclusion of false color standard, automatically complete the positioning of the bag, fixed length.
6, heat sealing dual temperature control, intelligent temperature control.
Liquid packaging machine packaging effect
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Equipment maintenance and maintenance:

1. When the packaging machinery and equipment are out of service, flush the residue in the pipeline with clean water in time, otherwise the quality of the next shift will be affected after the residue is degraded.
2. Regularly check the moving parts and lubrication conditions in each shift, and add 30# lubricating oil or lithium grease at any time. Otherwise it will not work properly and will seriously affect the service life of the machine.
3. Regularly check each class to remove the foreign matter on the cleanly-sealed end face. No scaling is allowed. Otherwise, the heat conductivity may decrease, the temperature of the heating block increases, and the cross-heat sealing and cutting bag is abnormal.
4. When an abnormal situation is found, the power should be cut off immediately and it can be reused after being excluded.
5, winter production, when the temperature is below 0 °C, must use hot water-soluble quantitative pump and icing in the pipeline, otherwise it will cause the connecting rod to break, or the machine can not start.
6. The thickness of the single-plate plastic film used in this machine should be 80 microns, and the tensile strength, thickness uniformity and lubricity of the film should be guaranteed. The weight of each roll should be controlled below (320mm) 18kg. (240mm) 14kg or less, if you do not use the monolithic plastic film recommended by this machine to cause poor heat sealing, or increase the broken bag rate, the user is responsible for their responsibility.

Equipment "Three Guarantees" Service:

1. Package commissioning: After the packing machine is placed in the user's place, the technical staff of our company will send it to the user for free debugging so that the packing machine can be put into use in time.
2. Package maintenance: The warranty period is one year from the date the product is purchased from the company. During this period, in addition to the wearing parts, if the design and raw materials of the company are improper or faulty due to the assembly negligence of our company, our company Will be responsible for free home repair for the user. (excluding human-caused accidents, illegal operations, etc.)
3, package training: In order to allow the majority of users of relevant personnel to further understand the performance of the rapid packaging machine, familiar with the mechanical operating procedures and norms, our company will regularly arrange technical training for the user operating personnel.

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