Hot-selling mahogany furniture is copied a lot of times

The design of mahogany furniture not only requires a high cost, but also a long time cost, but once the product is on the market, it is easy to be imitated or even copied. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Wenguang New Bureau that in June this year, the Municipal Cultural Market Comprehensive Law Enforcement Detachment and the Dayong Town Economic Development and Science and Technology Information Bureau formed a research group to conduct a field study on the mahogany furniture enterprises in Dayong Town and found that the town is currently There are about 25 companies with design capabilities and design departments, accounting for 6.6% of the total number of companies in the industry. Due to fierce competition in the industry, the scale of the company is uneven, and almost all the designs of hot-selling products are infringed.

SMEs survive by counterfeiting

Dayong Town was awarded the title of “China Redwood Industry Capital” in December 2012. Its products account for more than 60% of the country's market share and is the country's largest mahogany furniture production base. But how many of these exquisite mahogany furniture products are original from the factory? In June this year, Zhongshan City Cultural Market Comprehensive Law Enforcement Detachment and Dayong Town Economic Development and Science and Technology Information Bureau formed a research group to conduct on-the-spot investigations on the mahogany furniture enterprises in Dayong Town. A total of 3 famous brand enterprises were visited (about the total number of famous brands) 30%), 9 small and medium-sized enterprises (about 2.6% of the total number of small and medium enterprises).

According to the survey, at present, there are about 25 enterprises with designing capabilities and design departments in Dayong Town, accounting for 6.6% of the total enterprises in the industry. The products used for design and trial use mainly use design and utility model patents. Registration protection. However, due to fierce competition in the industry, the scale of enterprises is uneven, and the design of hot-selling products is almost infringed. The means of corporate rights protection is single, the time for defending rights and economic costs are large, and the attitude toward intellectual property protection is a wait-and-see attitude. According to the survey, small and medium-sized enterprises rely on counterfeiting and counterfeiting to maintain the market because of their lack of design capabilities. They do not care about or even welcome the intellectual property rights of products.

The person in charge of product development of Dayongyi mahogany furniture production company said that the design cost of their products is very high. The design cost of two series of products is over one million yuan per year, and the design process is extremely complicated, often designing the drawings first. It is also necessary to carry out a hand-made product trial. After the trial is successful, the production can be carried out. The overall development time takes one year. According to reports, although the product will be patented as soon as it is designed, it is often plagiarized. “The reasons for being plagiarized are complicated and complicated, but they are usually imitated and copied after the product is put on the market.” The survey shows that the main reason for the prevalence of furniture infringement is the high cost and difficulty of furniture original design, as well as the speed of furniture renewal. Fast, related patents have short lifespans, lack of furniture designers, and few new designs.

Strengthen law enforcement inspections and administrative penalties

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Intellectual Property Office said that protecting intellectual property rights of enterprises can not only transform the economic development mode, promote the industrial transformation and upgrading of enterprises, but also improve the independent innovation capability of enterprises. "If a unit or individual that only has property rights and does not have the ability to industrialize, it will not be able to complete the industrial upgrading; on the contrary, if only units or individuals that are industrialized and do not have property rights, they cannot increase the added value of their products, and ultimately cannot achieve independent innovation. The improvement of strength."

The person in charge believes that the mahogany furniture of Dayong is to be branded by Daihatsu, and the brand manufactured by Dayong is to rely on the high-end route. Independent innovation is the basis for taking the high-end route. “Dayong’s mahogany furniture has been industrialized throughout the country, so it is particularly important to protect intellectual property rights.” Legal experts also suggest that companies should stop the phenomenon of counterfeiting and enhance their originality. Infringement must be resolved immediately through legal channels.

In this regard, the city's cultural market comprehensive law enforcement detachment said that the next step will continue to strengthen communication with industry authorities, actively explore effective administrative means and services, and adopt two approaches to promote the development of the mahogany furniture industry. First, in combination with intellectual property laws and regulations and industry realities, in-depth corporate IPR lectures and popularization of copyright protection knowledge; second, targeting market infringements, initially focusing on persuasion education, mediation as the primary mode of work, and later law enforcement inspections and The administrative punishment is the main one, and the intellectual property protection of mahogany furniture is gradually promoted.

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