Ding Zhaozhong: Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer has collected 16 billion data

"In the first year of operation in space, AMS (Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer) has collected 16 billion cosmic ray data, which is far more than the sum of cosmic ray data collected in the last century." In AMS-Human On the first anniversary of the successful operation of the first space particle detector, Nobel Prize winner Professor Ding Zhaozhong said in a congratulatory letter to Shandong University. Cheng Lin, the chief scientist of the thermal system that provides temperature protection for AMS and a professor at Shandong University, told reporters: "In the past 100 years, humans have collected less than 3 billion cosmic ray data. By analyzing the cosmic ray data collected by AMS An exciting scientific discovery may be made to fill the gap in human cognition of the universe. "According to reports, the AMS project led by Ding Zhaozhong is one of the most important scientific projects at the end of the last century and the beginning of this century. Its physics The mission of science is to search for antimatter and dark matter in space, and to explore the mystery of the origin of the universe. It is the largest scientific experiment conducted by mankind in space. The AMS project brings together more than 600 scientists from more than 60 famous universities and research institutions in 16 countries and regions, including the United States, China, Russia, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany. They have worked together for nearly 20 years and cost $ 2 billion. On May 16, 2011, AMS took off with the space shuttle Endeavour. As one of the 8 mainland scientific research teams participating in the AMS project, Shandong University joined the AMS project team in 2004 and established a thermal science and engineering research center to take charge of the research and design of the AMS thermal system. Cheng Lin served as the thermal system chief scientist. "Thanks to the efforts of Professor Cheng Lin and the research team of Shandong University, the AMS experiment can run smoothly in the first year of implementation." Ding Zhaozhong mentioned in the congratulatory letter. Cheng Lin told reporters that AMS has extremely strict requirements on the thermal environment. The performance of each detector is also related to temperature. The development level and quality of the thermal system directly determine the working state, operating life and experimental reliability of the magnetic spectrometer. "The thermal system is equivalent to adding a 'insulation suit' to the AMS to prevent the temperature from overheating or overcooling to damage the instrument." Over the past year of operation, the thermal system has withstood the test of the harsh environment in space. 1 degree Celsius. "Cheng Lin said.

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