The new era of home competition, green all-you-lead trend

The 7th Guangdong Furniture Industry Economic Work Conference announced that the total output value of the Guangdong furniture industry in 2012 was about 300 billion yuan. It is estimated that the total production and sales volume of the Guangdong family industry will reach 330 billion yuan in 2013. According to statistics, from January to November 2012, the output value of Sichuan furniture industry increased by 27.24% year-on-year, far exceeding the growth rate of 11.73% in Guangdong during the same period. According to the "Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan for Sichuan Furniture Industry", by the end of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", the total output value of the furniture industry in the province is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan.

On July 6, the 14th Chengdu International Furniture Industry Exhibition came to a close at the Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center. During the four-day exhibition period, the number of dealers who came to visit and purchase from all over the country exceeded 170,000, and the turnover exceeded 11 billion yuan. In this exhibition, nearly 900 companies participated in the exhibition, and the exhibition area exceeded 120,000 square meters. In addition to the 9 indoor exhibition halls of the new exhibition center, four outdoor exhibition areas were built outside the exhibition hall. With the opening of the curtain, this year's furniture exhibition has become the largest in the previous Chengdu Furniture Fair, with the largest number of visitors and the largest turnover. This international furniture exhibition has attracted many first-line home brands at home and abroad, but the unprecedented scale and huge turnover still indicate the important position of Sichuan furniture in China. The representative of the Sichuan brand, Quanyou Home, has already occupied the leading position in the domestic furniture industry.

Since the reform and opening up, Guangdong Province has cultivated and developed a large number of enterprises based on its unique location advantages and unique economic policies. The domestic furniture industry has been monopolized by Guangdong enterprises for a long time. Guangdong home furnishing brands occupy an unshakable absolute position in the country, regardless of brand effect, enterprise scale, domestic sales and export volume. In recent years, the topic of whether Sichuan furniture can catch up with Guangdong has been repeatedly mentioned in the industry. The topic may not be answered in a short time, but it is an indisputable fact that Sichuan furniture can compete with Guangdong in terms of scale.

As the leader of the national furniture industry, Quanyou Home has created a new real home scene with the theme of “Green All-Friends, Warm World” at the just-concluded 2013 Chengdu International Home Show. The ideal environment for people and home, home and nature, and people and nature to coexist harmoniously. This lush "green house" has also become the biggest highlight of this furniture exhibition, attracting many consumers to watch and experience. All the friends provide a new perspective of green happiness for the visitors, a kind of exploration and thinking that connects the environment, people and families. The proposition of this green home culture and the popularity of green lifestyles have completely become the latest trend in the industry. At this furniture exhibition, all the friends completely got rid of the traditional display scheme and product display, but with a new exhibition mode and the latest delivery concept. This innovative concept and move once again proves that all friends are in the domestic home furnishing industry. Leading position, and this has also led many brands in the industry to attract attention and focus on a large number of media.

Sichuan furniture has been criticized for its brand effect and product quality on the rise of the road and the stage that can now compete with Guangdong furniture. Objectively speaking, the development of Guangdong furniture brand has experienced a long period of time. No matter the technical quality, brand establishment and enterprise accumulation, there is an incomparable innate advantage. It takes a long time for Sichuan furniture to fully catch up. However, as a leader in the industry, the all-friends home represents the Sichuan home brand in the peer-to-peer confrontation has already won Guangdong, and even has achieved the guidance of the entire industry. Under the strong leadership of “Green All-Friends”, the Sichuan home furnishing industry will be able to achieve a comprehensive catch-up of Guangdong furniture in a new round of home furnishing.

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